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Kolin (Battle Costume Without Jacket)

An extension of my recent mod.

Test mod for Kolin by BrutalAce

NOTE Normal fix mod is already included in this so if you're going to use this then don't download the previous mod mentioned above. This too was made quickly so if you notice any issue then let me know, I'll fix it that later.
© 2017 - 2021 BrutalAce
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I think this mod got broken in the switch to SteamWorks, her eye textures show up grayed out.  I tried using the "rebuild old" feature in PakModManager but that didn't work.
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Good work Brutal as always.

One question: Can i use this mod on another costume?
Like do i need to have the battle costume to be able to use this mod?

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Thank you :)

You can request costume conversions here…

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I tried using the original version of this mod - the one where she still has the jacket - but now the jacket is now not showing up. Am I doing something wrong?

Ah, never mind. I had a mod conflict which was causing the problem.
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Glad you sorted it out :)
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Have you thought of taking away the rest of her weapons and gear so that's it's just the wetsuit? She needs a dedicated swimsuit mod to go along with the other girls. Bonus points if you could switch out the night vision goggles for scuba goggles, lol.
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Yes I will do that eventually but goggles will take a bit of time since she has nothing behind those googles, it's hollow mesh.

I was wondering if you could release a version with her Before muscles, but still without the jacket
or at least show me a screenshot of what you saw?
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I don't understand your question ?
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Any chance you could put those gloves on her history costume please?
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Story costume ? yes I am working on it :)
I've put the pak in ~mods but it doesn't work. I know the readme says to use "Mod Manager", but I don't want to use an external program for this. Can we not simply copy+paste the .pak file into the ~mods folder anymore? My other mods are still working through this method.
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Have you followed DLC manifest guide for that ? Kolin is in latest patch file and in order to override that file you need to edit the DLC.manifest file.
Nice work! Did you mention a barefoot version coming also?
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Nice port :D (Big Grin) 

So, Kolin was the last added character? I'm still waiting for Pullum or Maki join the party)
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If you didn't tell me, I would think it was Cammy.
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Lol yes they are similar.
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Looks like in a sci-fi futuristic movie scene. Thinking of Star Wars could be correct too. :D
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