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Karin Cowgirl By BrutalAce

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© 2017 - 2020 BrutalAce
IMPORTANT: Replace default costume (C1).

Hey guys,

Here is another of my own project. This time a sexy Cowgirl outfit for Karin, this mod utilizes my own base body for Karin that I completed sometime ago but due to several requests and one of her incomplete project, I wasn’t able to utilize it properly in any mod. I am still on my journey of requests but I took the luxury to complete this so I won’t think that her base body is just collecting dust on my hard drive.

I did a whole lot of work on this, from 4K textures to her base body, physics, small details and pretty much everything else is made with care and I enjoyed doing it so I hope you also enjoy using this in your game.


    ·       My own base body for Karin.

    ·       Several model and UV improvements to outfit.

    ·       All 4K textures.

    ·       Color customization.

    ·       Custom physics for hairs, breasts and shotgun on her back.

    ·       All new rotating physics for rowels on her boots, they have non-stop rotation.

    ·       Available in boots and barefoot variants.

    ·       A new no gear variant has been added for both boots and barefoot variants.

As always please take a look at readme.docx or readme.pdf for more information.


Have fun!

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Too cool!

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this feet is fucking great!

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You're good, I wish I had the money to support you.
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exactly how many colors does it come with? 
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Khalid64Student Digital Artist
Yeeeha! karin so petty hot cowgirl baby that excellent job keep up! Ride 'em Cowboy, Woop Woop :cowboy: 
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Yet another awesome mod from BrutalAce.  Great job!  Thank you for sharing!

There doesn't seem to be a CustomizeSetting_XX.uasset file included in this mod.  I was wondering if there was some other "easy" way to swap the color slots around, since the color edit tool doesn't work on this.

I'm trying to use this as the main Karin skin, to be the one that always shows up in survival mode and such.  I just wish I could have either the gray color shown here or maybe a light blue one as the main color, instead of the pink one.  Not that the pink doesn't look good, of course.  Just wanted to use a more common denim color to get that "country girl from the farm" vibe whenever she shows up.

Any hints on how this could be done would be much appreciated.  But either way, thanks again for always blessing us with you beautiful work and modding knowledge. =)
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She is beautiful
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :)
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After seeing her bare feet up close in her fight intro, I just have to say... WOW!  The quality on her feet and toes is just absolutely stunning.  I've never seen a video game lady's feet rendered so amazingly.  You are the kind of artist that Capcom needs to hire.
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot Jack! they don't appreciate modders that much :)
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Oh, and one other thing: that shotgun on her backpack is a particularly nice touch too.  Although there are lots of times when I wish I could use it.  Particularly when I'm facing overly-aggressive enemies like Rashid and Nash.
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She looks so cute in that outfit.
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :)
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chavesevahcStudent General Artist
..que mod perfeito fera, parabéns! *-*
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Obrigado amigo :D
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Cara que mod lindo, até parece que foi criado pela própria capcom, lindo e maravilhoso, parabens !
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Muito obrigado :)
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Another great mod, especially the legs.  Personally not a fan of the muscular arms and the super implant breasts.  Have you thought about flattening them a bit to make them more natural?  They do have cloths pressing against them.  I think it looks bad to me (major implants) because there is nothing supporting them.
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :)

About breasts, well I think they look big in closeup screenshots like above but during actual game they look fine but still I'll consider about it :)
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A very, very nice mod.
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot! :)
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is it me or is she holding something with her right hand ? like i see a silver object. so far the costume looks great.
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes she is holding an object, it's a screenshot from story mode :)
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