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Karin Classic Bikini

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Here is a small mod for Karin guys, this removes all extra stuff from her swimwear (C4) like hat, glasses and sandals. I got request for this many times so I decided to make this today, I am trying to finish as many requests as I can before moving to something bigger again. I might add more variants to this eventually like individual options of selecting hat, sandals and glasses but for now this is more of a classic bikini mod and since most of the people consider my Karin abs mod as a fix rather than a mod, I decided to pack that mod with this. I used smooth variant because everyone I know liked that one. Enjoy.

IMPORTANT: Replace Karin's C4 (Swimwear).


In some cases this mod doesn't show up for some reason, I guess it's because overriding the new patch is kind of difficult ??? I noticed some combination of mods make this load properly while in other cases her original files load from the patch pak. I am unable to determine exact cause of this so if it happens to you then use the MM version because for this particular mod I have kept the old way of MM installation.


People having issue installing this mod should use latest version of MM (v1.769) to install the mod.…

Please see readme.txt file for general instructions on how to install this mod.


If you're looking for a conversion then check the link below…

Thanks and enjoy

- BrutalAce

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Hi dude, hey, could you send me the link? the one you have its broken, and i´ve been searching for it.

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Link is dead unfortunately :(
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Brutal, the mod got the eye glitch, how do i solve it?
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I'll look into it when I get sometime.
After arcade edition the texture eyes are bad. Will we have a fix?
is there a way to replace the c2 skin with this one?
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Yes but a conversion will be required. Check this thread…
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doesn't work :(
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Working for me, tried it multiple times.
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It's very nice and could you make the version with glass and sandle? :) (Smile) 
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Thank you and yes I'll work on some variations for her soon.
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Oh wow... I was actually trying to get into modding simply to try to do this myself lol.  I was unsuccessful only ended up locking the game up... Did you do this via hex editing or actually physically removing the items off of the model? Really curious... But thanks a lot i was really looking forward to someone doing this since I couldnt get it done =)
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Thanks man !

I actually edited the mesh and removed those parts, if you're locking up the game then most likely you're using a wrong version of UE4. The game is made using 4.7.6 so only that version works fine with modding, if you make a mod with any other version (newer or older) it will crash the game. If you're using correct version then minor mistakes like material assignment, missing texture etc won't crash it, only your mod will appear messed up.

Hope to see you do some mesh modding, we need more modders for this game :)
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Ok that confuses me because I have Unreal Engine 4.12.4 and its saying the newest version is 4.13.  So 4.7.6 is older then this?  Like its technically 4.07  and 07 was before 12? if thats the case can I use the epic games launcher to get an older version or am I going to have to go to a different site to grab an older UE?
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4.7.6 is indeed the older version than 4.13 but you need that version because the game itself is made with that version so if you compile your mod with a later version it will end up locking up the game and yes you can use Epic Launcher to get an older version of the engine.
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is there a pak file like this with the glasses on.. i would love that plz and thank you this is awesome in itsself but would really want glasses on. and i really hate that sun hate i was happy to see it go lol
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No there is no glasses variant as of now but I will make that soon.
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thats pretty awesome i appreciate your efforts!
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