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Karin Abs By BrutalAce

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied

Here is a small mod for Karin's swimwear that fix her abs and correct several other issues with the normal map. It has two variants, one with toned/muscular abs and the other with smooth/light abs. Choose whatever you prefer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: FluffyQuack (Mod Manager Author) informed me that the PAKs are now compatible with Mod Manager so I will be including PAK files for Mod Manager, all you have to do is to create a folder "~mods" in paks directory as mentioned above. Rest of the procedure is same. Please see readme.txt file in your desired method's folder for more information.

Please inform if you see any issue with the mod.

Thanks and enjoy :)

- BrutalAce


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Hi! Any update on this? I've been using this "bug fix" for years, but got a new PC, wanted to redownload it, but the link is dead. :(

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cant download it :(

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Could you please just remove her slipper?It looks strange.
The link is dead, may you reupload the file ? Big thanks to your great work!
If this file is still around and working can i please get a new link as the one in the description is dead.
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I deleted them mistakenly, will try to restore them but no promises.
No luck in restoring it?

If kalin suffer damage with a swimsuit, her eyes will collapse. I'd like you to fix this.
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Show me a screenshot of the issue.

Thank you for your reply. The URL of the screenshot. This way the display of eyes collapses. Can somehow be fixed? Thank you.…
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Does this happen with the mod too because I didn't changed her original model file, I only changed the texture of abs area.
Thank you for handling it.
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Every mod is working, you just have to follow this guide to make them load again.……
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I consider this more of an update than a mod, Capcom should have fix this themselves since they managed to do a damn fine job Laura's abs (especially during her electric "ZAP ZAP!" charge). XD
It's awesome mods like these that make me SOOOO glad I got SFV for PC, Karin's stomach in this outfit was becoming an eyesore for me. Thanks again bro!
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Your most welcome and it's my pleasure :) I think Capcom is outsourcing the costumes to several artists and some of them are making mistakes with normal maps. It's a small mistake to be honest but makes a catastrophic impact on how the character looks, like you said some of them did a fine job on characters like Laura and Cammy or maybe they were made by internal Capcom artists who were more careful with quality.
f0rbidd3n-v3rtig0's avatar
Man, CAPCOM should employ you !
Thanks, it's a instant DL for me.
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Your most welcome and thank you very much :)
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Shouldn't every female character have abs like that?
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Yes but her abs in this outfit were messed up for some reason as shown in the comparison so this mod fix that.
Excelllent, she looks better than ever.

Also, agreed - she ought to ditch the jacket, shoes, hat and the goggles.
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Thanks and that mod will be done later.
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