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Juri Princess Azula By BrutalAce


IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

IMPORTANT: Replace Juri's C1 (Default Costume)

Hey guys,

Here is a requested mod by one of my Patron, this gives Juri a similar look to Princess Azula from Avatar The Last Airbender. It is a simple mod to be honest but due to my busy schedule from last few weeks it took a lot of time so my apologies to the Patron who waited so patiently. Her outfit remains same as C1 except it use my Cleavage mod along with color edits that give her Azula's theme or something close.

I briefly tried looking for Azula's 3D model so I can mix some outfit parts but didn't find any and the requester had more interest in her hairstyle so that remained my focus. Her hairstyle turned out quite nice and gives a fresh new look to Juri, this can be used in future mods too :)

Few words about Azula though, her art is quite varied just like Wonder Woman which makes it difficult to choose a single theme, in some of her images she wears a black outfit with maroon parts and golden stripes while in other images she wears a maroon outfit with black parts and golden stripes, I picked black as base because it looks dope in my opinion and those maroon parts on black gives her that evil look I wanted her to have, I hope requester likes it but in case not then few adjustments can be made to color theme.

Her entire color theme is also adjusted, it's a more monotone theme now. First color is default (Azula's look) while rest of colors are coming from Juri's default with few changed for the sake of variety.


- Azula's hairstyle.

- Azula's color theme (sort of).

- Long nails.

- Golden eyes.

See readme.txt file for more details.

More images:

Preview video:…

Have fun and consider supporting me on Patreon.

© 2016 - 2021 BrutalAce
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Best character done by best modder... great!

BrutalAce's avatar
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This is my favorite mod and ive gotten back into the game but the mod won't load for me. :c
BrutalAce's avatar
It's still working for me.
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Is there a download?
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There is a link on upper right corner.
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So what is this compatible to?
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It's a mod for Street Fighter V but you need PC version of the game to use this.
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Evil+beauty... Me likey! Nice job!
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wow striking appearance
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Thank you! the idea came from my brilliant friend kirtanloorii 
kirtanloorii's avatar
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Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Huggle! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
Mullmeister's avatar
cool. Thank you brilliant friend kirtanloorii
So has this been Fixed for AE like the others yet?
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Yes it's fixed now, you need to download again.
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  Holy cow, she's beautiful before, and she's beautiful as Azula! I love the hairstyle and the cleavage.
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Thank you very much :)
KirbyStarWickett's avatar
You're welcome. I love her look.
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