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Juri Legacy Costume By BrutalAce

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

NOTE: I didn't realized that Shoryuken (aka SRK) was also covering this mod so I didn't included them in thanks message at end of trailer, I apologize for this and a big thanks to them for interest in this mod.

Hey guys,

Here is the pinnacle of my SFV modding knowledge, Juri's Legacy Costume. It was a request from our humble friend and site admin Robhal but it became my passion as I kept working on it, I put all my SFV modding experience into this mod so I hope you guys enjoy it.

 The mod took long because after seeing such warm response from Zetaboards, DeviantArt, Patreon, Reddit, YouTube, EventHubs etc I decided to put extra time into it and it payed off, now it's upto you to decide whether my effort met your expectations or not. I also decided to make trailer for it, consider it as a gift to all Juri fans. It's also a gift to my Patrons, all loyal members of Zetaboards and StreetModders. Get ready Juri fans, I did my part! Now it's your turn to kick some ass with her.


Replace story costume (C2).


    ·         Juri's legacy costume combined with my own Juri's SFV body bringing the best of both USF4 and SFV worlds.

    ·         Several design patterns have been physically drawn on the mesh itself to achieve clean looking textures.

    ·         Texture upscaling to 4K.

    ·         Repaint of several texture parts.

    ·         Ten new colors.

    ·         Two hairs styles (original and loose).

    ·         Barefoot and combat braces options.

    ·         Fully animated belt physics based on ten new bones with advanced collision.

    ·         Reanimation of loose hairstyle with advanced collision.

    ·         Remodeling of her spider straps, they are no longer just painted on her body; they have their own geometry.

    ·         Bumped up muscle details as desired by some users (Only normals are updated; no change to mesh).

    ·         Several model improvements to outfit.

    ·         Glitch free breast physics.

    ·         Signature pink VFX (Thanks to dronehunter3000 for awesome VFX mods).

For more information please check Readme.docx file.


Have fun!

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© 2016 - 2021 BrutalAce
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saikyom's avatar

After the last update this mod no longer works, is there a trick to fix it ?

The best mod I saw my only problem is the belt and an option to have the original C1 thing

Is there a link for this to replace the Nostalgic Costume instead?

UltimateGameMaster's avatar

Where's her makeup??

CarvedInside82's avatar

Hey there! Love this mod but i cant get it to work either in PMM or by creating the Paks/Mods folder anyone else have this issue? any way to fix it?

LaercioMessias's avatar
is not working anymore?
deathdealer187's avatar
Does this work for xnalara gmod or blender ? Or just for the pc game only ?
DaInfernoVEVO's avatar
Would you ever consider making an alternative version of this mod using parts from the official Nostalgia Juri outfit?
S̶i̶d̶e̶ ̶b̶o̶o̶b̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶m̶u̶c̶h̶ ̶n̶e̶e̶d̶e̶d̶.̶
TheMorganizer's avatar
This stopped working for me today. I uninstalled and reinstalled it but nothing.
BrutalAce's avatar
Are you using PMM?
TheMorganizer's avatar
I'm just copying and pasting. I reinstalled and it's fixed now, but it was just weird. Randomly stopped working while all your other mods worked fine.
BrutalAce's avatar
I'll try it out and see if it's working on my end.
JesseQuicker's avatar
Is there a way for this to be put on C1 instead?
BrutalAce's avatar
This is so amazing. Would it be possible to have a version that replaces the battle costume instead?
BrutalAce's avatar
Thank you! you can request a costume swap on this thread…
Qeiji's avatar
I prefer this over capcom's censored version. Your works are always great
Can you fix this for S3 Ver 3.003? the eyes are grey in select screen and whenever camera zooms in her face
BrutalAce's avatar
Thank you! try downloading it again because I fixed it couple of days ago :)
Qeiji's avatar
thanks man. You didn't update the description so I thought it's still the old version. keep up the good workHorns 
BrutalAce's avatar
No worries man, it was difficult to update description of many mods so I just updated them. I also posted a fix (made by my friend Robhal) to fix any mod that's not updated, you can find it here SFVAE Grey Eyes Fix by BrutalAce
Is it possible to replace the Nostalgia one?
Side boob needed:) (Smile) 
BrutalAce's avatar
Lol I will check that! :)
Loving the Work and love you put in your releases.
would it be possible to switch it to C1 one though? i'd like to use both of your Legacy costumes on C1 and C2, that would be a bless :D
BrutalAce's avatar
Thank you! I'll try to do the swap for you tomorrow :)
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