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Juri Cleavage Ultimate Edition

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Hi guys,

So after gathering feedback and complaints all day long, here is the ultimate edition of Juri Cleavage mod. I have fixed every issue that has been reported today including the eye patch not working as intended, win pose smile having rigging issues and patch less variants having no eye lash for covered eye.


A. Eye patch with leg latex.
B. Eye patch without leg latex.
C. With leg latex (No eye patch).
D. Without leg latex (No eye patch).


None that I know but please inform me if you find an issue.


Upper right corner (Not MEGA this time).

For installation troubleshooting, try the link below.…

NOTE: I had plan to upload Chunli Classic Bikini mod as well but I am too tired for today so I'll postpone it till tomorrow. Hope you guys don't mind.
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Hi love your mod but after the update it seem that the mod doesn't work properly, the model just turn black

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it doesn't work with latest update

hope to see it fix soon

love your work ;)

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you think you could make a nude version of this where her tits are out and the zipper zipped all the way down thanks.
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That would be good.

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It doesn't seem to be working on the latest update same with the microbikini
pak file not working for me after v 4 update
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I will take a look.
Recently, I have tried to mod SFV. I downloaded Mod Manager by Fluffy and later downloaded this mod (My first ever mod). I followed the steps accordingly on how to install a mod and activated it, but this mod doesn't seem to work. I don't necessarily need to screenshot this because I know I've done everything correct (There is a check and the mod file does show up and I've extracted the file). I assume that your mod needs a reconfiguration or update.
Game was running fine and I attempted several times on training to see if the mod was implemented, but it still shows the default being default. 
I am currently running the game with Steam.  
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Mod managers are very unreliable to me, I always copy the pak file manually, try using the manual method.
I'm new to this too. Make sure your Directory is set in Fluffy Mod manager to steam directory in "Options" "Define game info" Set game to "SFV" then add "Install Path" Example D:\games\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\StreetFighterV\

With Pak files. You have to add to MAIN folders manually "StreetFighterV\Content\paks\~mods". To your Directory in Fluffy Mod Manager. "SF5\mods" 

So you download. "ChunliC1awesome.Pak" You make Folder in mod manager.   FluffysModManager\Games\SF5\Mods\ChunliC1awesome\StreetFighterV\Content\paks\~mods And place your 'ChunliC1Awesome.pak file' in '~Mods' Folder.

Every pak I've seen come without this folder extention. If they come with 'Chara' files and a 'Pak'. Create folder Paks\~mods manually add it to the folder "Content" with the Chara Folder. Chara usually have the directory in there already.

Also I've added the 'Modinfo.ini' to all my Core directory of my 'Pak' files (Example folder "ChunliC1awesome") that are in Mod Manager, So I can add the picture. And add other information. I add jpg 01.jpg picture of all my Pak and it shows up in Fluffy Mod Manager when you look at the mod. Pretty cool. Add 01.jpg to the "ChunliC1awesome" directory, or "WhateverThePakFileNameIs" Folder.

Modinfo.ini and 01.jpg are in the main folder of the Pak/Chara. Example in folder of my recent Pak/Chara "ChunliC1Awesome"

This is my "Modinfo.ini". I think you can make your own text file then rename it as Modinfo.ini. This is my text in it below.

description=describe the pak/chara file
author=Write in the author

I deleted the "name" line when I download a chara, so I can change the directory name to anything I want, Mod manager automatically uses your Folder name.

Add any description=, and add the author=.   I put "Describe the pak/chara file"  and "Write in the author" put in anything in replacement.

This is how mine are working. Good luck.
 Worked for me, thx.
Hey guys, I was wondering if you know someone who can redo the introduction vid to Juri, during her introduction to a fight, you only see her upper thigh, when she's being all sassy. If the camera were back a bit. Would be totally more immersive as her sexyness is apart of what makes her so deadly :)
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I don't understand, what vid?
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Can you make a topless version of this with this outfit still on? Also I'm still pretty new on here, is there a place for me to see all your mods in one place? 
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I am pretty occupied right now so I'll do that later but all my mods are uploaded to DeviantArt so this is the best place to check my mods.
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Hey I've seen you tell people they have to commission something if they want that. What does that mean exactly? 
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They have to pay to get their request accepted.
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How much do usually do you have to pay?
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Depends on idea.
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