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Ibuki Swimwear Edit

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

IMPORTANT: Replace Ibuki's C4 (Swimwear)

Hey guys,

Here is a very small mod for Ibuki's Swimwear (C4). I am not going to start working on something bigger until I see the changes in upcoming patch so this one is just a small mod that I did when exploring Ibuki's C4. It gives you the option to either remove her cape or cape + scarf. I know some don't like her face but other than the win screen she has a pretty good face so for those who do like it, it's a good option to have otherwise there is an option to just remove the cape.

- Removal of cape
- Removal of scarf

As always please see the readme.txt file. If you're using the MM version then use Fluffy's mod manager and if you're using PAK version then use Frosthaven's mod manager, these two are the definitive way of installing mods and save you from unnecessary hassle. Every link is provided in readme.txt file.

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I think hair physics broke for this mod.
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Download again, I have updated the mod for Season 2.
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Looks like she has the same problem as Juri did before you fixed her.
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I will take a look at it this weekend.
I don't mean to bother you, but did you forget about this? o.o
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I am not modding Ibuki right now but what needs to done ?
just like that screenshot shows, there seems to be something wrong with the mouth weights.

edit -
this one.
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I see, this often happens due to Gildor's tool limitation. I fix it in all mods but I guess I forgot here so I'll do it once free from current mod.
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I was thinking, would there be a way for you to remove the tightness of the mask so you don't see her lips as much? It kinda bothers me that it just looks like a recoloring of half her face instead of it's own texture.
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Yes that should be possible, I'll take a look at it a bit later.
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Awesome! Thanks for taking the time.
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yo quiero this costume for C2 PLS!!!
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wow, this looks amazing.  will give it a try.  Thanks bro

edit - tested, it works :)
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Thank you and your most welcome :)
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update 1.09 seems to delete any mod installed, noo!!!, hope there will come a solution soon., by the way, great job.
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you have to use the new mod manager- PMM v2.0.2
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Have you tried reinstalling the mods, I guess the update just wipe out the stuff but it doesn't break the modding procedure and installation so you can just reinstall them.
Thank gosh, I've been trying to do this since the time I asked you for a tutorial but I've been stumped for ages.  I should've just asked you to do it lol
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Lol, did you asked for a tutorial ? I am sorry I can't remember very well but glad to know that you like the mod :)
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I like Ibuki the way she is. Nothing wrong with her face at all- that final frame for her win screen was just an iffy angle or shot. I like that her looks aren't cookie cutter anime. She's unique and fresh, with an all-natural look to her. I do think they gave her a bit more chest this time around- to be honest, since I am a leg-foot guy, I prefer girls to not have such large breasts (that's why Hilde from SC is one of my faves as well). Ibuki is such a cutie, and I hope more mods for her come in the near future. :)
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Yeah she has a good face imho, tbh people are getting too demanding/nit picky these days. The first thing they like to do about an official costume or a mod is complain and that irritate me sometimes. About chest I think Capcom enhanced that for almost every female, look at Cammy for instance or Juri but RMika is the ultimate leader of the pack in that area lol.

I will do more mods for Ibuki soon enough, just exploring her models atm. She has complex models though due to several things like her removable mask, the cloth that she use for flying around, APEX physics and other stuff.
Nice, just what the doctor ordered!

Hope to see the barefoot version of her regular outfit and dress soon.
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