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Glitz and Glam Barefoot RMika

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Hi guys,

This time I am making my mod compatible with awesome Glitz & Glam mod of Bloody Rain, special thanks to him for explaining some complicated stuff to me. Once again the mod is fully compatible with Fluffy's Mod Manager, just follow the simple instructions in readme.txt file of each folder to install it in mod manager. For more instructions please read this…

Please inform if you see any issue with the mod.


v1.0: Mod release.

v1.1: Updated with Bloody Rain's new normal map and skeletal mesh sockets.

v1.2: Corrected issues with normal map.

v1.3: Updated with v1.02 changes.

v1.4: Fixed right side rainbow typhoon animation issue. (Thanks Shoyku for pointing this out). Also included PAK version of the mod.

v2.0: Season 2 compatibility fix.

Special thanks

1. Bloody Rain
2. Unclefestor

Thanks and enjoy

- BrutalAce

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Thank you for updating the normal maps. It looks so much better now, also the weird glow on her face at the character selection screen is gone.
As always, you rock!
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Thanks a lot :)

I am going to carry out an update to Barefoot Cammy as well, I noticed some weird black lines on her feet during some angles which turned out to be a problem with her AO Map, gonna fix it so stay tuned...
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Thank you very much :)
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Great thanks! But unfortunately I downloaded both options and it unpacks with CRC error. Could you take a look please Ace' ? Regards!

Edit: Ignore that last, I simply renamed it and it's fine. Thanks
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Your most welcome, maybe file name is too big or have special characters ? surprisingly I didn't faced this issue myself but anyway glad to know you sorted it out :)
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Plz show tell me how to apply a costume change to color 2 or 3 of the default costume. I don't want to make any changes to color 1 of default. Most special costumes here like Lara Croft Cammy are made for color 1 of default costume.
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I think that won't be possible, we cannot have two different mods on two different color slots (specially in case of mesh mods).
ok Thanks for the info
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Hey, BrutalAce, you're doing a hell of a job so far. Thank you so much!
BTW, any chance for us to have a version of your barefoot Mika combined with the oily skin released by Kalevra? The two mods DO work together as his is only changes the specular map, but it doesn't apply to the calves and foot.
BrutalAce's avatar
Thank you so much and your most welcome :)

It shouldn't be too difficult to do, I'll check it out once I return from work.
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Yay! Thanks, bro!
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Two awesome mods combined into one.

Thanks bro and Bloody Rain too :)
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Your most welcome bro, now you can enjoy the best of both worlds :)
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Btw is it working fine bro, it was really late night when I uploaded this so maybe I made some mistake. As far as I can say both versions ran fine on my game.
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I just install the no mask version so I can tell it works fine. Later I will try the mask version too.
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Okay bro thanks :)
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I see your recent post that you gonna update this mod with new normal map, so I will wait for that first.
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I have updated all mods now bro, they now also have skeletal mesh sockets as explained by unclefestor.
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