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Chunli Wonder Woman Cosplay

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Hey guys,

Been working on this one from quite sometime, it wasn't looking that good in start so I improved a lot of things including textures, model itself, brought a new hairstyle and went a bit ambitious with physics, it looks pretty nice now. Hope you like it.

IMPORTANT: Replace her C3 (Battle Costume).


1) Several improvements to the mesh model.
2) HD remake of textures since the original ones had low quality.
3) New hairstyle with physics.
4) Five variants with different weapons.
5) All weapons have their own physics, such that they move freely when she moves thus increasing realism.
6) Color customization (8th color is original Wonder Woman color).

It has five variants namely

1) No weapons
2) Sword only
3) Sword and Shield
4) Whip only
5) Whip and Shield

As always please take a look at readme.pdf or readme.docx file for installation instructions and more information.


There are more HD images in the archive so take a look at them.

Have fun! and consider supporting me on Patreon.
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You are a fuckin' legend!


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Marvelous!!! If Chun-Li is Wonder Woman
Who is Batman or Superman? :)
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Not sure, someone have to make those :D
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I would guess maybe Ryu would be either Batman or Superman
or some other superhero to match up with Chun-Li as Wonder Woman, you know? :D
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I think Alex will be a better Superman or Batman :D
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Did you make a mod of Chun-Li in a swimsuit? Just asking.
I know some people are probably gonna ask if I do some volleyball pics with Chun-Li.
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I did Seashell Bikini mod for her a while ago Chunli Seashell Bikini by BrutalAce
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First off, congratulations! A beautiful mod first and foremost. And it’s fine with the new updates. As an airbrush artist, the only, only thing I see is the skin-tone. This body with Laura’s golden tan, would set these colors on fire.
 It seems to lose its effectiveness with Chun Li’s skin-tone. Which is probably why the original Wonder Woman was so striking. It was her golden tan.
just my humble opinion.:)
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Thank you! I didn't get your suggestion, do you mean I should use Laura's skin tone on this ?
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So sorry:) yes her skin color or simply build Wonder Woman from her. The reds golds and blues would really come to life.
just an opinion.
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I'll probably do another WW costume for her once I finish her new body that I am working on.
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Sounds cool. Thank you!
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Your most welcome! :)
can you replace it with c1 ? please ?
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She looks so pretty! <3
But I can't download it, says: 404 not found OOPS! ... :(

Keep the amazing work!
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Thank you :)

Are you clicking the download button on upper right corner ? I just tried it and it started fine.
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Oh! It worked! Maybe a bug of deviantart.
Now lets kick some butt with Chun Li of Themyscira!
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