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Chunli Sparring Costume

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

WARNING: This mod is incompatible with "Beta Physics Mod" or any other mod that use custom physics for Chunli C3. It has it's own custom physics for new hairstyle animation so if you will use another mod with custom physics then both will clash and hairs will probably won't animate.

Hi guys,

This mod is not hidden from you, I probably shared a lot about this and it's for the good because I received some very positive feed back which allowed me to make it even better. Anyway, it gives a new look to Chunli with the combination of her athletic built and this sexy sports outfit. It's properly mesh modded to match her body proportions, what's more ? it has color customization using her original colors so it's probably more resistant to official patches lol it has a new ponytail hairstyle included and it's fully animated with custom physics. In addition to that her original battle dress loose hairs are also included along with more optional variants like sneakers, bare feet etc.

Another Preview…

Video (Ponytail with Bare feet)

Video (Ponytail with Sneakers)

Please inform if you see any issue with the mod (other than the ones I already mentioned in readme.txt file).


v1.0: Mod release.

v1.1: Mod manager installation support (Old style).

v1.2: Matching nail paint with outfit and ponytail physics improvement (less clipping).

v2.0: Season 2 compatibility fix.

Thanks and enjoy :)

- BrutalAce


NOTE: This mod use another set of 4 texture files so it might be a bit performance costly on VRAM, I haven't encountered any issue myself but maybe some will.

NOTE2: There is a lot going on with the update changes and other stuff so make sure you check the readme.txt file.
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Just got the mod! looks amazing! thanks for the awesome work! <3

Can i made a mod request to you master BrutalAce? ^_^

when i download the file its a .7z file !!! How do i get it to be a pak file and also do i need the buy the battle costume for this to work please help.

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still my fav mod til this day =P

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Does the mod still work for the latest title update?

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amazing mod, but im having trouble downloading it. google drive wont give me download option for any of the files. can you help me out?

yeah same when i download it the file is .7z and not a pak file

This one doesn't download :( did Capcom do this???

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very nice job, congratulations

which colour for what skin

does it replace?

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Are there going to be Sparring Costumes for all the other girls or just Chun Li?
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Re-uploaded, thanks to my friend Robhal for providing alternate download.

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The link for downloading is death, bro :)(

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I fixed the link.

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Bump for reupload!! Love your work so much, tthis is probably the best chun li mod I've ever seen

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Fixed the link and thank you! :)

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Just now starting to play SFV on a PC and looking in to mods. Always wanted to install this one.

Did you ever think of making the costume from the Vega(Claw)/Chun fight from 90's anime?

Another vote for re-up!

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Reupload it please! best chun mod ever made till date!

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Please Reupload ... and thanks for your effort Ace
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Such good mod. I wanna try it but the link doesn't work. :(
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