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Chunli Seashell Bikini




I try to bring highest quality of mods to you with an emphasis on variety; obviously this takes a lot of time, effort and determination. I mod in my free time but I try my best to put as much time into this as possible. If you think my mods are worth it then consider supporting this hobby by donating. Your donation will ensure more motivation and dedication to bring you better mods. Thanks!

Hey guys, it’s time to give proper treatment to remarkable lady of Street Fighter franchise, namely the one and only Chunli. This is one of my personal favorite mod because I originally made this for Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken in 2013, this was the first mod in which I rigged an entire new body for her and it’s still one of my most downloaded and liked mod to date. So with Street Fighter V being the current game featuring Chunli, I am going to give her this special swimsuit, once again.


1. Brand new body for Chunli featuring seamless 4K textures and new additions like more toned abs and a thicker booty.

2. 15 new colors.

3. Several improvements to the swimsuit model including a more metal look, string design change and arm bands.

4. Dry and wet skin options.

5. First mod to feature 4 hairstyles (buns, loose, school and ponytail) all with custom physics.

6. Each hairstyle have 4 options to choose including barefoot, barefoot with glasses, heels and heels with glasses so you can customize the mod not only with colors but with physical appearance as well.

7. All options making a total of 32 variants to choose from giving you unmatched customization.

8. Breast physics.

9. Three physics types include options with high jiggle, low jiggle and finally original Capcom physics giving you best physics customization as well.

10. Nail paint color customization.

11. Original color palette for hair buns variant (Requested by Shodai). Colors might look slightly different because the mod uses metallic shaders.

12. High quality rigging (no clipping or bad deformation).

13. Fashion sunglasses with GUCCI inspired design carrying real GUCCI logo.

14. Flower head accessory with school hairstyle.

As always please take a look at readme.docx and readme.pdf for more information.

Special thanks to my talented friend Arlek Orjoman for designing the BAM (BrutalAce Mods) logo.

I am removing the hall of fame list because some supporters are not comfortable with their real name being mentioned publicly and it’s difficult for me to figure out their internet name from somewhere so a new way to credit my supporters will be announced very soon.
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Great mod, any way to switch it from slot3 to slot4? I tried the script but it didn´t work.