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Chunli Classic Bikini

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Hey guys,

So this was ready from sometime but it got delayed by Juri's launch and the fact that I had to update her mod. Anyway this mod is an enhancement to Chunli's new swimwear, it removes her lion cloth, gives her a pair of optional feet and fixes her eye bug during her critical art.


This mod replace Chunli's C4 (Swimwear).


Please inform if you see any issue with the mod.

Thanks and enjoy :) (Smile)

- BrutalAce


Upper right corner


For swaps see readme.txt file.

Special thanks to nepafu and deadendthrills for the awesome camera tool.
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Been browsing some of your mods, great work!

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too bad you dont have her been barefoot with lion cloth on mod just like her C3 black dress

Hows that for a surprise ?
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so i tried to install this mod and had no success. i'm supposed to use this from cloudhaven right?…

cuz i tried it and it just doesn't seem to work :/
Love your work! Just wanted to give you a heads up that Chun-Li's eyes are blacked out for season 3 update. Cheers!
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This has been fixed, please download again.
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muito bom, parabéns!
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Muito obrigado meu amigo :)
by the way, can you make the chun li original costume barefoot mod?
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Right now I have closed all requests because I am already full but hopefully sometime in future.
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Good day man. Your wonderful does not work with Frosthaven's mod manager any longer. I install it exactly as it states and I get game crashes. I'm not using any other mod. Just this one.

Edit: However, if I extract it and replace the "04" folder in Chun's character file, works like a charm. Just thought I'd share this tid-bit of info with you, in case the issue arises in the future. GOD Bless.
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Hi, thanks man. Try updating the FrostHaven's MM to latest version, I heard that the author updated it after S2 patch.
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great to see those tasty toes free of those pesky sandals! x3
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Nice!! She looks so awesome man!! XD
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Indeed she is pristine beauty XD.

Thanks for liking the mod :)
Wonderful mod !!!!

I'm a bit curious about the white splash effect and the beach at night. Do they belong to other mods as well ? 

And what do you plan for the next projects ?
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Thank you very much :)

Actually the screenshot is taken when she start performing her critical art, the background turns purple/dark during this duration :)

I have one mod for Ibuki lined up and then some ideas for Mika and Juri but they are on paper right now. There is one small mod for Ryu also coming shortly.
I would be waiting for Ryu and Juri :D

Could you put an entry to your list, that is the Chun Li default costume with silk qipao, no leggings and no wrist band ?

Thank you. 
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Sorry man, I am kind of overloaded right now so I am not taking new requests but maybe in future :)
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Yyayyy awesome :3
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