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Chunli Barefoot Battle Dress

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

I think this doesn't require any introduction, it's there and it's done. I must admit that it's not a perfect job as there are some issues like clipping, cloth not looking as good as APEX based one but it's pretty good for first attempt and probably something that will encourage me to keep on learning this stuff. I don't know if you guys will like it or not but as far as my work goes I know I tried my best so I hope you like it.

Video 1…

Video 2…

Please inform if you see any issue with the mod.


v1.0: Mod release.

v1.1: Mod manager installation support (Old style).

v2.0: Season 2 compatibility fix.

Thanks and enjoy :)

- BrutalAce


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If anyone still want this mod, here is the re-upload (courtesy to BrutalAce)

FILE NO LONGER EXISTS! Please reup! I have tried for hours to get just one mod and they are all paywalled!

Mega link unavailable
The mega link is down, would love to use this mod if possible please restore. Thanks you BrutalAce for your works.
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This mod is still my fav i hope 1 day you will update this with your new body textures :D 
BrutalAce's avatar
I will certainly try! Thank you! :)
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Mega says "The file you are trying to download is no longer available."
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I removed them by mistake, will try to restore later.
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Wonderful mod, but the texture of her eyes are black, did i do something wrong?
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Can you try downloading this fix and see if it works SFVAE Grey Eyes Fix by BrutalAce
PowerGeyser2000's avatar
It worked!!! Nice job man, and thanks!!!
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Your most welcome, credit goes to Robhal :)
This is by far my favorite mod for the game, and all of your mods are must haves for me!

Thanks for making this!
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Thanks and your most welcome :)
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After decades we FINALLY got an outfit for Chun-Li with her hair down - it would be even better if it was officially like this. Beautiful :love:
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Thank you very much! :)
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Woooow!!!! Impressive. Excellent work!
I wonder if possibly it's ported for XNA XPS (XNALara).
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Thank you very much :)

I don't think it's ported yet because I just released it. Usually used to port my mods but I just saw that he can't stay on DA anymore due to a tragedy so maybe someone else will do.
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Okay, I understand it. I think I keep waiting a bit more. Dragonlord told he doesn't have it yet. Anyway no problem. Nothing happened, budd.
Thanks anyway.
Will this mod replace costume 3 if you own it or will it just replace the default? Don't want to lose bikini Chun
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It replace 3rd costume if you own it. But there is a conversion for default costume too here…

Conversion credits to Robhal
nevermind just checked it myself and it mods her proper battle costume
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