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Cammy Swimsuit By BrutalAce

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Replace default costume (C1).

Hey guys,

It’s finally here, a swimsuit that Cammy should have had from the beginning changing her solider vibe to a classy beach girl on vacation. The mod is particularly made to showcase her new body which is another mod under the hood, after Laura, RMika, Juri and Karin, Cammy is the fifth girl to get a new body and that puts me one step closer to the completion of my base body project.

This was a commissioned mod and the original idea was to put a Microkini on her but that type of bikini didn’t worked well so after few more experiments this looked pretty good and we decided to go with it.

Hope you guys also like it.


· New swimsuit combined with my own base body giving a fresh new look to Cammy.
· Say no to poor Cammy textures that we witnessed after patch 1.04. Not only her textures got messed up but they also got scaled down in resolution. This mod gives her high quality 4K body textures.
· 4K outfit textures.
· Several model improvements to the outfit.
· 15 new colors.
· Customized color preview file for better selection screen preview.
· Customizable nail paint for both hands and feet.
· Barefoot and sandals options.
· Long and small nails options.
· Dry and wet skin options.
· Redesigned physics giving more bounce to her breasts, full braids collision and all animated bikini ribbons.
· A total of eight variants using combinations mentioned above.


Her custom physics cause her to disappear during Act 3 Chapter 1 Scene 1 of general story (when Chunli talk with her as they watch Ken playing with Mel). According to my tests I cannot find anything wrong with my physics file and she appears perfectly fine during other story scenes as well as training, versus, online and other gameplay modes, it’s just that particular scene where she doesn’t appear at all. So far I am unable to find a solution to this issue. I am sorry about this.
As always please check readme.docx or readme.pdf file for more information.


Have fun!

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SAMFrost777Student Digital Artist
Thanks BrutalAce for this mod.
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KNorthwindDNew Deviant

Its awesome~ Thank you!

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DelB47New Deviant

Excellent Mod!

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by the way awesome mod :) one of my favorites

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Thank you. The Karin Paid Bikini Sunglasses Hat Removal Version link is dead.

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This mod is beautiful! Is there a C2 and C3 replacement?
BrutalAce's avatar
BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! I had conversions but I removed them after Capcom broke the mods in recent patch.
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N5PiREStudent Traditional Artist
Bummer. I would have loved this in the Swimsuit slot. Thanks anyway ACE and keep up the AWESOME work. You are the BEST!
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! :)
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its awesome ... but how i can download
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Download link is on upper right corner.
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Impressive! Any chance we got it to replace the story outfit instead than default?

as also wondering if it would be possible to do a Cammy default outfit but with your quality body and texture?
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
You can request a conversion here…

I'll do a default leotard mod for her when I start modding her again with my textures and body :)
Mortal-Kombat-XI's avatar
Mortal-Kombat-XIHobbyist Digital Artist
it's a great mod , I love it ! thank you
BrutalAce's avatar
BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Your most welcome and thanks for liking :)
qingguainiao's avatar
nice swimsuit!
BrutalAce's avatar
BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :)
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DezanxAsaukuHobbyist Traditional Artist
This mod still works for AE <3 Great Job
BrutalAce's avatar
BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, for other mods please check this post SFVAE Grey Eyes Fix by BrutalAce
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The download seems to be broken. Can you fix it?
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
It's downloading fine for me.
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The only thing missing is the wet skin on all her body. A wet or oily texture like her Capcom Dress or like the Ultimate Nude Karin would be nice.
The wet texture as it is looks weird.
Good job on the rest though. :)
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Is the download not available?
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BrutalAceHobbyist Digital Artist
You should see a download button on upper right corner :)
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