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Bombshell Mika By BrutalAce

Hey guys,

Another requested mod that was available on my Patreon and now for everyone. This puts the curvy rainbow wrestler in barely there Microkini and this request also advance my goal of giving every girl a Microkini in SFV so now we have two of them now :)

Important: Replace RMika's C1


- Customizable colors.

- Reworked skin textures for more natural looking skin (added redness on skin to produce better shade).

- Pearl bracelets.

- Normal and wet skin variants with new wet textures.

- Optional physics made for this outfit.

- Physically drawn heart shape symbol on her mask to fix blurry textures.

Note: Physics will cause conflict with other physics mods for RMika so use with caution.

* The wet skin effect is dependent on lighting, some stages highlight it very well while some doesn't.

As always please see readme.pdf or readme.docx for more information.

Video Preview:

Normal Skin…

Wet Skin…

Have fun!

© 2017 - 2021 BrutalAce
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RichardLvv's avatar

Thank you for your mods !

ryanthegame1's avatar
can you please make this costume available for different slots C3, C4, C5 etc?
LuciferSynd's avatar
I cannot get this mod to work anymore.
BrutalAce's avatar
Pak mod manager is no longer working after the latest update, use manual installation as mentioned here HOW TO INSTALL .PAK MODS AFTER THE 04/03 UPDATE by Khaledantar666
LuciferSynd's avatar
Thank you so much, that worked like a charme!
BrutalAce's avatar
Your most welcome :)
SAMSOM2003's avatar

hi brutalace how to make sf v mods please

Kviesgaard's avatar
My resistance to this picture
Has been wiped out.
BrutalAce's avatar
Mika is unbeatable lol :D
the rar it's empty :(
BrutalAce's avatar
It's not, check again.
No download link.
BrutalAce's avatar
It's on upper right corner.
milesaz's avatar
how did you take the screen shots from that angle?
BrutalAce's avatar
Check your PM.
Nyanaki's avatar
very nice mod :3
BrutalAce's avatar
Thanks a lot, have fun :)
NinjaRed400's avatar
This is beautiful. Personally I would like to use this as her C2 though.
BrutalAce's avatar
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