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Beardless Hot Ryu

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Hey guys,

Here is a small mod for Ryu that removes his beard from his famous battle costume, hope you like it.

As always please see the readme.txt file. If you're using the MM version then use Fluffy's mod manager and if you're using PAK version then use Frosthaven's mod manager, these two are the definitive way of installing mods and save you from unnecessary hassle. Every link is provided in readme.txt file.

Enjoy :)
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from it, you could make a good Liu Kang from the game mortal Kombat.

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Finally! He really needed to lose that beard!
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Is there any tutorial, how to do this`?
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There are few on our website

You can check them here…
Could you make a version of this mod for his story mode costume? <3
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love that, that would be sooo cool plssss
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Do you mean use his story costume trousers instead of these ?
Apologies for the really late reply.. I myself meant his story mode costume itself in this style. He has a more youthful appearance and different hair which I prefer <3
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No problem about late reply, I also get late in replies lol but I get your idea now, I'll put it on list :)
brutal best mod here...period! haha

anyways thank for the update for 2.0 appreciate it.
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Thank you and your most welcome, have fun :)
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what costume is this for? 
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His battle costume (C3)
thanks for fullfilling request...even though i uninstalled the game, it got too boring. at least others will enjoy and it looks great. ill try when i reinstall the game.
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Your most welcome, I told you that I'll do it eventually. Sorry to hear that you uninstalled the game but give it a try when you play again :)
i reinstalled it last night. lol. this mod is awesome. love it!!! ryu looks badass actually looks like a lone fighter. doesnt look like a lumberjack anymore looks like a warrior who trained in the mountains. again thanks brutal, really appreciate it.
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Glad to know you liked it and thank you :)
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Just keep and hang in there bro but I'm still curious are you going to get started with Charlie Nash the one that I was talking about
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I told you that I am overloaded at the moment so not accepting new requests until I finish some old ones.
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