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Barefoot RMika By BrutalAce

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Hi guys,

Here is the release of Barefoot RMika (Masked & Unmasked). The mod is fully compatible with Fluffy's Mod Manager, just follow the simple instructions in readme.txt file of each folder to install it in mod manager. For more instructions please read this…

NOTE: If you are waiting for full legs mod then please be patient, I am working on it but it needs more time.

Please inform if you see any issue with the mod.


v1.0: Mod release.

v1.1: Updated with skeletal mesh sockets.

v1.2: Corrected issues with normal map.

v1.3: Fixed right side rainbow typhoon animation issue. (Thanks Shoyku for pointing this out). Also included PAK version of the mod.

v2.0: Season 2 compatibility fix.

Special thanks

1. Unclefestor

Thanks and enjoy :)

- BrutalAce


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© 2016 - 2021 BrutalAce
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I don't have files anymore. Sorry.
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can't thank you enough friend, looking forward !
BrutalAce's avatar
Your most welcome :)
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yo, i'm using this now and its perfect man, thanks again. Only thing that would make it even better would be some more details on her soles, like how this guy did it :…    , i think its just paint job but it looks more realistic you know. Just a suggestion. Keep it up bro, cant wait for the next ones. Im even more hyped for my girl IBUKI now as i already was ! looking at these beautiful mods you guys doing.
BrutalAce's avatar

Sounds like a good advice, I'll do it soon :)
YiShinLong's avatar
Well u did say you'd work on Cammy next. But after that could you PLEASE do a barefoot mod of chun li in her alternate costume?
BrutalAce's avatar
Sure, that's the plan :)
eleuzi's avatar
Thank you, dude. It's really amazing! We're looking forward to the full legs version now. Keep up the awesome work.
BrutalAce's avatar
Thank you and yes working on that too :)
tribaldissidia's avatar
Which will be the next barefoot mod? I can't wait to see Chun Li, Cammy and full barefoot Laura!
BrutalAce's avatar
Not sure, Cammy maybe :)
Khaledantar666's avatar
She looks very sexy this way bro, great work, now I think it's time to go full Super Saiyan 2 :D
BrutalAce's avatar
Thanks a lot bro, it's time to learn more about materials in UE4. They are quite different than what we used to do in SF4/SFxT and this part is important for any bigger mod ;)
Khaledantar666's avatar
it seems more complicated than USF4/SFXT, maybe because there is no good tools at the moments
BrutalAce's avatar
No bro UE4 itself is the tool for material editing though right now the information is scattered everywhere, we need to make a tutorial for this. Secondly adding new materials is difficult right now (as far as I know). I have to do it myself to understand and then maybe I can write a proper tutorial.
MaesterLee's avatar
Damn Dude,Awesome work Brutal...I can't wait till you start doing some costume mods.Looking forward to more of  your pieces 
BrutalAce's avatar
Thank you very much bro, now that the basic Blender to UE4 workflow has been figured out, it's time to dive deeper into this ;)

I can't wait for my old comrades like you, Khaled and Monkey to join the forces.
MaesterLee's avatar
Monkey is busy modding DOA,lol but I'm sure he will move back to SF soon enough.
Khaled I too hope finds some time to return to modding is been a while since we've seen anything from him. Lol. I have a Rufus mod I was also working on, but I might not finish all 19 colors for him since everyone dropped ultra like they dropped SFxT. Lol
BrutalAce's avatar
Monkey said that he will move to SF. Khaled also seems interested :)

Well I think few colors should be fine, or you can complete all 19 by adding some minor stuff like shining shader etc. You have Birdie as your new Rufus in SFV lol, then Zangief is there and Alex is joining soon the list of giant killers, should be enough to get you started with your unique style ;)
MaesterLee's avatar
I was thinking that. I like Birdie more than Rufus and the mod I was doing for Rufus would fit nicely on Birdie so I might hold off and try to do that for him as an initial challenge of dry run at SFV modding. Plus I like Alex and I would love to make a mod for him and Necalli also. Lol. Maybe even a Skull Knight mod for Bison too lol. Ok I'm getting over excited. I'll calm down cause I don't want to fail. Lol
BrutalAce's avatar
Ah yes I forgot Necalli, he suits perfectly to your modding taste. I suggest you start with something small, a bigger mod is good but if things don't work well then you'll be freaked out with overwhelming information. That's the reason I doing it nice and slow, don't want to rage quit like I did in DOA modding lol.
It looks amazing!

Can´t wait for more SFV barefoot mods!

Thanks for the mod!!!
BrutalAce's avatar
Thank you very much :)
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