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Barefoot Laura By BrutalAce

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Hi guys,

Nothing special about this one, just the continuation of mission "Barefoot" :) A lot of guys asked me whether these are her original feet or new ones so the answer is these are her original feet coming from her story costume however they were small in size compared to her default outfit feet (probably because of sandals). They were also deformed/squeezed here and there so I resized them to match her default size as well as sculpted some affected areas. The textures are also original.

For more MM information…

For more PAK information…

Please inform if you see any issue with the mod.

Thanks and enjoy :)

- BrutalAce


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The mega link is down. Is there a mirror?
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looks she intends to make a flying armbar . very painful
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She do have some nice grabs :)
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Thanks for this awesome mod:)hopibg to see for chunli 😃
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It seems Chun is a bit more complicated because of APEX clothing stuff. But yeah, it's going to be great once it's out.
Might be asking too much, but can this mod be combined with the Bare Booty version?
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Sorry for late reply and sure I'll take a look.
Thanks man, that would be awesome!
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thanks so much bro, looks so cute ! really good details on the textures where hidden in her Sandals :) the soles look so realistic with the wrinkles.
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Thank you bro :)
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When will you relase barehand Cammy??? :) cheers
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hoping that when the mods get more complex, we can get cammy barefoot in Laura's gi! :O
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nice! look kinda big too! Remind me of Makoto! hahaa
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That's her default size if you look at her feet in C1.
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Thank you very much :)
Does this work with the booty mod?
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