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Barefoot Cammy By BrutalAce

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Sorry guys got a bit late but that was because of an issue I discovered in normal maps last night, this affect all the mods that have modified normal maps so I guess we have to update rest of our mods too but for now here is our barefoot Cammy. I was going to call it Escape From Shadaloo but it's not really that until I work on her hands and remove those gloves so for now I'll call it Barefoot Cammy. The mod is fully compatible with Fluffy's Mod Manager, just follow the simple instructions in readme.txt file of each folder to install it in mod manager. For more instructions please read this…

Please inform if you see any issue with the mod.


NOTE: Please don't ask me to remove her gear, I'll make those variations once I finish her hands. For now she has cap and no cap variations only.


v1.0: Mod release.

v1.1: Fixed normal and AO maps.

v1.2: Fixed armature.

v2.0: Season 2 compatibility fix.

Thanks and enjoy :)

- BrutalAce

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Almost all the old mods are down. I'm late T_T.

lefthandl's avatar

Is there a barefoot Cammy CPT version?

Luconic's avatar

Are you gonna release the mod soon?

Josnez's avatar

This mod is no longer available?

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why is this not compatible with your "no-holster"-cammy? i NEED both of these active :(
any ideas?
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I didn't made no holster version because right now I am working on no gloves version (full arms) for her so I will include no holster option once that is completed. Including more options before a mod is fully completed makes it more difficult to manage later, it will be added though so no worries.
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oh forgive me then... i was sure the no-holster on was from you >.<

i'll wait for updates then ^^
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BrutalAce's avatar
Brutal, any chance on a Psylocke costume  for Cammy ? :)

PS : are you planning on doing any mods for Juri once she is added ? 
BrutalAce's avatar
Not atm though I'll think about it when I mod Cammy again.

As for Juri sure, she's one of my fav character in female cast so I am just waiting for her to be released :)
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hey man nice job! i´d like to make a request... the old scholl all black color... there is a pic in my deviant channel if you want to check before do. i mean, hey man it´s the old black wear power right... :D please do it and give to us all your fans these dark black outfit and short hair. THANK YOU SO MUCH :D :D :D…
BrutalAce's avatar
Thank you :)

Cammy does have a black variant though it has orange gloves I think.
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You are master modder,good job with cammys cute mod:) and i like your wip progress.Perfection 👍
BrutalAce's avatar
Thank you very much, glad you're enjoying the mods :)
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I hope she'll be in xnalara.
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mirakor's avatar
I'll do some xnalara arts if she's for download.
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She's not ready yet, her loose clothing is not animated.
mirakor's avatar
I hope she'll be ready.
May the luck be with you.
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ploki713's avatar

Hey dude !!!  can you  put together your mod with this mod ? 
SandStock's avatar
Her feet are so pretty :3
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