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April O'Neil

IMPORTANT: Replace battle costume (C3).

Hey guys,

This isn’t hidden from you but still proudly presenting my next mod, Chunli as April O’Neil from TMNT. The mod was requested by one of my Patron April O’Neil who not only requested it but also stayed very active during the development of this mod, she provided ideas, concepts and many other references that helped me a lot. Take a look at her awesome gallery below

The mod seemed simple enough in start but turned out to be quite complicated because April doesn’t have any model available and as such I had to assemble it using similar pieces and even model several parts myself. Hoping that requester and you guys have a lot of fun with it.

NOTE: April (the requester) wants this mod to be shared with everyone so I am sharing it one day before one week patron exclusivity ends, enjoy! :)


    ·         Color customization.

    ·         High resolution mesh for the most parts, producing excellent quality.

    ·         4K textures for the most parts.

    ·         Two hairstyles (Loose and Pony).

    ·         Two hair color options (April’s Auburn and Chunli’s Defaults)

    ·         Several modeled parts including collar, pockets, belt loops, shoe straps, placket etc.


As always please take a look at readme.docx and readme.pdf for more information. Also please don't ask me for original April hairs, this is what the patron had requested and this is how it's going to stay, thanks.

Have fun!

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I am new to the mod world and pc quite frankly. How do I pay for this and install it on my game? Thanks fam for any tips.

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Thank the patron for sharing it. Most appreciated:)
very thoughtful.
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Yeah she is a cool person :)
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Not really but the body I have made for her is for C3 so all my mods go to that slot.
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ok,i know.  Ha ha
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BrutalAce, can you reupload this mod? The link seems to be broken, thanks.
Oh, nevermind. I tried 5 minutes after I posted this and it just worked.. Somehow.
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Nicee moddd :33 barefoot option would be cool too :3
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Thanks man and maybe in future :)
Love it, I hope some day you consider giving her the same hair as the toon April Oneil.
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Thank you very much :)
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To me, it's chunli in a jump suite, and I love it. X3
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Thank you very much! Have fun :)
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Wow, my childhood here, amazing, thanks, there is the posibility that you make in a time in the future the four turtles? i mean, Ryu can be Leonardo, Raphael can be Ken, Rashid can be Michelangelo, dreams, dreams....
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Thanks a lot :)

Yes maybe I'll do that in future but I haven't planned it yet.
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Pretty neat! :)
But why the piercing?
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Thank you :)

The person who requested this mod has a similar piercing, you can check her gallery out it's mentioned in the description :)
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Ah, a request. I see. :) I skimmed through the description so I must've overlooked that part.
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Your most welcome :)
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You made a nice job. Loyal outfit with an awesome selection of palettes. :) Do you intend to portray her barefoot in this same mod?
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