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Alpha Hot Ken

IMPORTANT: Season 2 compatibility fix applied.

Hi everyone,

Here is a mod for Ken or should I say Hot Ken. I used his Alpha face and hairs for this so hope you like it, he now has a body to show off and let Ryu know that he's not the only guy looking hot around here. It has both gloves and bare hands variants included.

His body and textures received several refinements since I made the last WIP video so I will upload another video soon and update this post.

Please inform if you see any issue with the mod.


v1.0: Mod release.

v1.1: Texture fixes.

v2.0: Season 2 compatibility fix.

A. Fixed the issue of dark pants (waist area).
B. Fixed a white line around neck part when choosing darker skin colors.

Thanks and enjoy :)

- BrutalAce


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The link seems to be dead

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And thank you for this, Ken is my main character on SFV because Saku is not cute anymore :D

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I'm sorry to say that it doesn't work.Which costume was this made for?C4,or C5?
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No link. Darn. I NEED this Alpha Ken look. Capcom keeps making him worse and worse.
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Here is the download link for the original mod (for C2)

Also mentioning BrutalAce so that he will get notified as well.
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Thank you very much bro! Always very helpful :)
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You're always and very welcome bro :)
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Here is the mod, but available on C3 :!aHR1CAoT!nU0nwUimc-Q…

If you want another C slot swap for this mod, just go on -modderbase- to the link below and ask for your request :

-robhal- or -Leonaura- will do it for you for free within 2-3 days.

Have fun.
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I don't have the files anymore but I'll try to find them.
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You made a similar mod for USFIV, and it was AWESOME. Fix the Link Please.
People are like depending on you and stuff. The fate of Street Fighter rests in your hands, or whatever, and junk.
Link isn't working :\
Good work nonetheless as usual :d
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Yeah I lost the files but lets see if I can find them, don't keep the hopes too high though.
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great mod. does this change ken's which costume 1st, 2nd, or 3rd?
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Thank you, it changes his story costume (2nd).
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The new patch broke this mod :(
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Every mod is working, you just have to follow this guide to make them load again.……
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this is really awesome
although i can't replace costume 1 with 2 anymore since 1.04
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Thank you and yes they changed the swapping method, previously it was easy but it's quite difficult.
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Amazing job as always bro, but I just encountered a problem.....
My SFV mods in Modmanager don't seem to work after the recent update (1.04).
I was hoping to use this Ken mod and several others in the cinematic movie, but they don't appear at all even for training/survival/online.
Do you know if anyone else is having this problem and if there's a fix?
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Thank you very much bro :)

About your issue, yes this happened to me before when the game updated, it's best to uninstall every MM based mod before an official update, try uninstalling every mod and then reinstall, if it doesn't work then verify your Steam Integrity Cache to fix the issue. I personally recommend using PAK based mods to avoid these issues.
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