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Red Corsairs of 40k

Hey!  A bit of chaos space marines this time. Some art of Red Corsairs.

Hi res: for anyone who may decide to support me:…

I'm also open for commissions.

Paypal to donate:
Hope you like this artwork!
Have fun!
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.Friendly peoples for sure

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This whole piece is stunning, the background is super well developed and both marines look badass!!

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It looks filthy, just like chaos should.

It's great!

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This is super awesome!!!

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I just finished listening to Arch Warhammer's excellent video series on "THE WAR FOR BADAB" and

Lufgt Huron got fucked up the ass. Here he was trying to be a loyal Imperium citizen, governing and

protecting the Badab System from various enemies with the resources he had, and the Lords of Terra

and the Imperium as a whole basically screwed him. So, I don't blame him at all for turning to Chaos

and become a Corsair. I would have done the same thing, Brother Blackheart. Excellent work, Brother

The Tyrant approves.

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Aww yeah, look at these chads. Love the background work too, it looks very good *chef kiss*

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(Angry Loyalist Noises)

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Отличный рисунок
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Спасибо :)

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