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Adeptus Mechanicus collage


Warhammer fanart. Forged from my past works )

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Redeyed-cat's avatar

I was browsing the net for referenses for my techpriestess cosplay I'm planning to do, and wow... I'm in love O.o

brushray's avatar

Hey! Great my artwork helps you with finding the right refs! Good luck with the cosplay!

Btw I would love to see it in photo) So you may share afterwards

RensKnight's avatar

Nice...I like that although you've given her an obviously female figure, she's not so hypersexualized as some of the female Tech-priests I've seen in various places. To me this is more in character with AdMech because seriously, the flesh is weak, and exposing it or taking obnoxious amounts of pride in it is just not a mentality I think the Machine God would approve of.

Stargazzer811's avatar

Are my ocular sensors malfunctioning or is that a techpriestess I see?

brushray's avatar

Indeed she is a techpriestess and a blessed one :)

Stargazzer811's avatar

I just found where you got the reference for her too! Might need to acquire myself a mini in the near future.

Stargazzer811's avatar

Between her substantial servo-arms, what looks to be maybe a relic Plasma weapon, and her well armored....person, I would have to agree that the Omnissiah has blessed her quite well.

ulyseskortez's avatar

I love the central character of your work, that battle sister converted to adeptus mechanicus, for me the wh40k is very lacking in female characters. Since they came out, I love the battle sisters, but I would like to see canonesses or veterans much more provocative.

brushray's avatar

Try to search "the toughest girls of the galaxy" those are figures but still may be interesting for you. And thank you for my art appreciation :)

warlover12's avatar

Can I get aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Cawl?

SkyPotatoFire's avatar

What a graceful machine.

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