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3 Illustrator brushes Rain by Souzian
Iran Provinces Brushes by Souzian
WG Watercolor Splodges by wegraphics
Brushes set - dots by Morfuska
Brush set - Japanese character by Morfuska
Iranian Brush  Flower and Bird by Souzian
Hair brushes by Souzian
Cracks - Megadevpack 04 by brushes
Trees - Megadevpack 03 by brushes
Valentine - Megadevpack02 by brushes
Valentine - Megadevpack2 by brushes
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Brushes Icon N02 by brushes
Brushes Community Icon by brushes
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Brushes Community ID ver 01 by brushes


TypeShape Brushpack by vinh291
Chinese Swirl Brushes by memorylast
Swords-Katana Samurai Brushes by mxdonence
Corrosive  Brushes CCDesigns by Carmels-Designs
How to Make Photoshop Brushes by Scully7491
How to Convert PS Brushes by Scully7491
Creating Your Own PS Brushes by redheadstock
Installing and Using Brushes by redheadstock


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~ Brushes for everyone ~
PhotoShop, PaintShop, Gimp and more...
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Oct 15, 2003


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:groups: W e l c o m e ! ! ! :groups:

:community: [T h i s  G r o u p  S u p p o r t s : ]
~ brushes' creators helping them to get exposure and general help
~ deviants who can easily find this kind of resource on DevArt

:groups: [ H o w  T o  J o i n ]
~ Click the button "Join Our Group"
~ Submitting your membership request means that YOU HAVE READ AND AGREED to all the RULES

:note: [ R u l e s ]
~ You must have at least 1 brush set submission into your gallery
~ You must put our ICON or SIGNATURE into your journal BEFORE YOU'VE RECEIVED OUR APPROVAL

:note: [ N o t i c e ]
~ This group will be updated at least once a month
~ This club is a listing service only, if you use any set listed here, PLEASE COMMENT or LEAVE A NOTE on the CREATOR'S PAGE
~ ID or icon for Brushes are welcome! Let's start creating!

:note: [ A n n o u n c e ]
~ People using brushes all over DA and not crediting the artist they came from for the sake of they forgot despite the fact that in many cases brushes have the users name as the file name (ex. lotusii_wings, orchidee's brushes) or with pretty brush it will be something like (pretty rotten, pretty trees, pretty cracks) AND include a logo in the brush files. What's wrong with going back and looking.
~ I ask deviants downloading brushes to always read the users terms and write down brushes used while making the deviation and do not post without proper credits for the brushes.
So many deviant artists are taking advantage of brushes and the people who make the brushes are feeling ripped off, because the others are too lazy and passive to even bother taking the time to look update the credits.
This isn't a free for all. Respect others work!

:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: [ M e g a d e v i a t i o n 4 : Cracks ] :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple:

This package contains many Scars and Cracks! Check it out… and thank the following contributors: BrokenVolt plain Scully7491

:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletpink:  :earth: [ M e g a d e v p a c k 3 : The Soul Of Trees ]  :earth: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple:

:earth: Are you looking for a set based on nature? chaoslokiart made this :pointr:… for you!!

:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: :heart: [ M e g a d e v p a c k 2 : Love] :heart: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple:

Subject of our second MegaDev was: :heart: L.O.V.E. :heart:
This brushes theme pack (1 psp bs - 3 photoshop bss)… has been created by: anodyne-stock Erendis lotusii Thank you! :bow:

:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletpink:  :holly: :rudolph: :santa: [ M e g a d e v p a c k 1 : Xmas ] :santa: :rudolph: :holly: :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple:

:snowflake: Our first mega deviation pack was created for Christmas on a seasonal theme. You can find the .zip file here…. Thanx to all the contributors: azraelengel anodyne-stock thedrifterzaz :D


:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletpink: [ U t i l i t i e s ] :bulletpink: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple:

:deviation: I wanna give you some interesting and useful links about tutorials on brushes..
How to Make Photoshop Brushes by Scully7491
How to Convert PS Brushes by Scully7491
Creating Your Own PS Brushes by redheadstock
Installing and Using Brushes by redheadstock
Hair and Stamps Brush tutorial by Kittyd-Stock
Video Tutorial - Brush Making by Ryan2006
Brush tutorials by XenomorphAkA
Ps Brushes Tut 2 by XenomorphAkA
Loading Brushes into PS by JamesRushforth
Grunge Brushes Tutorial by ThaSprout
Making Advanced Brushes 1 by Scully7491
Making Advanced Brushes 2 by Scully7491
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