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Macklin and Hans are Friends
Alfons' eyebrows rose when he heard Hans' high pitched shriek and he looked up at his snickering lover, frowning as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Macklin...vhat did you do?" he demanded.
"Wha' makes ya thin' I did anythin'?" Macklin asked innocently.
"Zhe screaming coming from Hans," Alfons pointed out.
"Well...I may 'ave taken all o' 'is monocles an' uh...dyed 'em."
"I dyed 'is monocles...they're all bright pink or black!" Macklin laughed, a second before Hans barreled into him with a Germanic roar of anger.
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OC Dribble Drabbles Friends :iconjathis:Jathis 12 80
Pass It Forward
"Beetle waaant…this…an'…this!" The traveling merchant cocked an eyebrow, watching as the young man with wild looking hair and a missing eye took several parcels of Radroach meat, a few bottles of purified water, and a hairbrush. He smiled at the merchant as he held up the items, putting them in a small pack slung over one shoulder. "How much for themses, Meester?"
"Probably more than you have, kid." He snorted.
"How much?" he insisted, still smiling sweetly.
"A hundred and fifty Caps." He said, doubling the normal price.
"Akay!" He blinked in surprise as the kid produced the Caps, happily dumping them in his startled hands before turning around, skipping back towards the front gates of Freeside.
The Wastes were full of strange people.
Trembling hands reached out slowly, taking one of the parcels of Radroach meat and opening it slowly. His dead eyes widened in surprise when he touched what was inside and slowly he tore off a bit of meat, using the hand with three fing
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How Toasty Met Solly by Reanimated-K How Toasty Met Solly :iconreanimated-k:Reanimated-K 280 28 TF2 Medic OC Peter by Worldofwarcraftvamp TF2 Medic OC Peter :iconworldofwarcraftvamp:Worldofwarcraftvamp 6 24
Official Aussie
Bosko's eye slowly widened at the offer and he looked up at the Sniper standing in front of him warily, biting his lower lip. "Am yous sure this is not to being trap for mean trick?" he asked softly. Macklin burst into laughter and he shook his head, placing his hands on his hips.
"Now why would I wanna play a trick on you, mate?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow at him.
"Umm…well there is the time I tell Roza you push me off roof and then she shoot you in face five times a day for a week?" Bosko offered. Macklin narrowed his eyes at that, a soft growl escaping his chest as he glared down at Bosko.
"Now why would I be mad 'bout tha'?" he asked darkly.
"Well because it hurt when she shoots you, da?" Bosko asked innocently. Macklin's eye twitched ever so slightly and he gritted his teeth, struggling not to lunge forward and strangle the stupid Russian.
"Jus' shu' up an' git o'er 'ere ya wanker." He huffed.
"Um…okay." Bosko agreed finally and he stood up, looking at Macklin with a h
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Mature content
Durpy Christmas Eve :iconjathis:Jathis 2 9
Russian cuddles by GabbyVee Russian cuddles :icongabbyvee:GabbyVee 14 20 Run to You WIP1 by ZhouTaisDayOff Run to You WIP1 :iconzhoutaisdayoff:ZhouTaisDayOff 7 13
Mature content
Crisis Averted :iconjathis:Jathis 5 8
The 'T' Word
Roza was exhausted. The Russian had been pegged down during the battle at 2Fort by all of the RED Snipers and although she survived the entire match, she was unable to get any kills for herself. It frustrated her to no end and Macklin made a point of avoiding her, not wishing to be stabbed with her bayonet.
With a soft sigh, she went and took a shower (making a point of throwing everyone else out of the shower room first), and when she came out she felt much better. Smiling to herself, she threw on her bathrobe and headed to her bedroom.
Maybe she would go and see Bosko… Roza couldn't help but find herself attracted to the sweet but rather dimwitted blonde. Ever since Gustav back during the war, she had not allowed herself to even think of having such feelings for another man but with Bosko…she felt that she was ready to try again.
She sniffed angrily as she walked past Hans, glaring at him with her one eye. She hated the nasty German with all of her might and she made a poin
:iconjathis:Jathis 5 38
Macklin is an Ass
"Jus' you wait an' see, mate! This'll be bloody 'ilarious!" Bruce wrinkled his nose at Macklin's whispered words and he glanced over at the grinning man's target, cocking an eyebrow slightly as he looked back at the crouching man.
"You gonna spook Bosko again?" he asked with a sigh, rolling his eyes as Macklin began to snicker harder, struggling to control it as he bit his bottom lip. "You really shouldn' pick on 'im so much. Aint Alfons mates with 'im?"
"Aw come on! Me Alfons is mates with EVERYONE." Macklin reminded him.
"Aye...but don' it seem mean ta pick on 'im so much? 'e cries all the time ya know..."
"Ah, 'e's jus' a one eyed Russkie!" Macklin reminded him. "Don' be such a bloody stick in the mud!"
"Roza's a Russian with one eye too…an' she fancies 'im." Bruce reminded him. "I wouldn' risk messin' with someone Roza fancies...she scares me, mate." Macklin couldn't help but shudder a bit at the woman's name and he shook his head, shooting Bruce a glare.
"Well she aint gonna
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