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Warning!! The following reader contains spoilers for Undertale. If you have not played this game, or done the Genocide route then do not continue. You have been warned.


A painful sound you had long forgotten. It seemed like only yesterday this place echoed with joy. The sound of little monsters playing in the snow, villagers gathered around the town's Christmas tree exchanging gifts; even that childish flamboyant skeleton continuously shouting all the time. But that had all vanished, leaving the entire Underground empty with only a few scattered remains to be seen. Including the tattered crimson cloak of the said skeleton, too stubborn to follow his own instincts like the rest of them. But even before you carelessly sliced that sharp blade through his "hero" suit, he still believed things could change, that you'd realize continuing down the path you were going would lead to a dead end. That you'd, show mercy to other monsters and see they were not as humans claimed them to be.

Ever since, Papyrus's words had been bouncing around in the back of your head, refusing to leave you alone no matter how hard you tried to drown them out.

No. Fuck him. He's a monster what would he know about you? 

He doesn't know you, he doesn't know anything!

He doesn't  feel the pain you'd been put through.

All these stories about the surface were nothing but a bunch of stupid fairytales. That so called "king"  lied to everyone! There was no point returning back there, it would be the same as it was centuries ago. Another war, humans and monsters fighting to survive, only to be locked back down in this hellhole you'd endured for so long. Yeah, you wanted to go back...but why go back a world that drove you to this point. The point where anger could no longer be contained, and without thinking you lashed out at the first person in sight!

That goat.

So caring, willing to fight off that ridiculous house plant just to save your sorry ass. She was even willing to take care of you. But you wouldn't be fooled again, no. It was all a cheap trick to lure you into gaining her trust, then when you lest expected it she'd stab you. She'd betray you.

Just like all those other kids did back home.

Her death created a mix of fear and regret, with tears streaming down her white, fluffy cheeks slowly fading into ash you knew it was for your own good though. Flowey praised you for it, even said you'd make a wonderful "partner" in helping him obtain his goal. A part of you began to doubt wither or not it was right to do that, having never killed anyone in your life your stomach dropped creating a horrid sensation no human being should feel! But you'd done with, no matter how much you ignored, no matter how much you begged for forgiveness, no matter how much you wished you could go back and fix this. You couldn't. She was gone. Mom, was gone. And it was all

your fault.


It was shortly after you met the brothers. Papyrus didn't exactly make a good first impression, rambling on about wanting to capture you, forcing you to do all these ridiculous puzzles trying to seem higher ranked and intimidate you. You didn't mind at first, but he soon became an annoyance obviously having no clue about anything. His brother however, came off as a laid back, slick, rather docile being just spilling the beans on how to please his younger brother and get through things quicker. His puns were over excessive yes;  but there was something about him that gave off a comforting vibe. A vibe you haven't felt from anyone in years.

How casual this guy was talking about his personal life, going on about how Papyrus spent hours working on a single puzzle only to have it backfire, how they both came to live in Snowdin, even so far as to invite you to his favorite joint after work. Or, what someone like him would consider work. Through fries drowned in ketchup you snorted, listening to your new found "friend" tell stories, finding yourself more and more enlightened by his silly sense of humor. To the point where you actually forgot about your old life back on the surface, what happened back-

 *so kid, how'd ya end up coming down here anyways?
*no wait, don't tell me. You wanted to have your "funny bone" tickled isn't it? 

While the chubby skeleton laughed at his own joke, his permanent smile seemed to falter noticing you did not have one of your own, nor exchange a simple chuckle. Your head was turned, looking down at what little fries and ketchup still remained in the soggy paper basket. A hand lightly balled up against the counter, only to lower down to join the other on your lap. You heard him adjust himself, a rusty squeak coming from the seat settling under his weight as he leaned closer to you.

 *kid? you okay?

You didn't answer, refusing to make eye contact despite his glowing cyan pupils looking at you with some concern. A thick, boney hand gently rested upon your shoulder. It was surprisingly warm to the touch, but you still continued not to look at him. It was then you hear a soft sigh of regret escape from the skeleton's non-existing lips.

 *ahh i'm sorry kid, maybe that was a little too personal to joke bout.

"Will you quit calling me that, I'm not a child."

You snapped, causing the skeleton's eyes to flare up for a moment as he jerked his hand back followed by the crackling sound of Grilby on the other end of the bar hearing you raise your voice questioning if there was something going on. A few monsters grew their gazes towards you for a moment, each one drilling a cold, hard knife into your back. At lest that's what you believed, truthfully they were concerned...but you dismissed it thinking they were all looking at you with hate.

*s-sorry, just a force of habit...  

There was an eerie moment of silence between you two, his gaze shifted towards the well-dressed fireball who quickly turned his attention back to the dirty wine glass he was cleaning. You pushed yourself off the stool a few seconds later, sliding the leftover basket in the skeleton's direction.

"I'm not hungry anymore."

Sans looked back at you, his face twisted into a confused manner. 

 *kid- I mean [Name], i'm sorry-  

"Save your breath, I don't need your pity. I have something I need to take care of...I'll see you around."

You began heading towards the door, ignoring the sound of metal and cheap fabric squeak when the skeleton got to his feet starting to go after you. 

*[Name] wait-

Everyone in the dinner was looking at you now, watching you make for the exit before he could stop you from leaving taking your emotions out on the door slamming it against the wooden frame, dislocating the golden bell hanging above it and hearing it hit the floor. The force was enough to create a crack in the doorway. Back out in the cold once more, you started to head back to the house leaving both villagers, and Sans behind in a fit of confusion and guilt to have poked at such a delicate subject.

He usually brushed things like this off, but he hated seeing you upset. Thought he hated to make promises, he would make a commitment to find out what was wrong, and get a better understanding why you were so angry most of the time. 


*c'mon kid, give it up! that's what I would do, cause you won't last much longer."

The shuffle of feet scrapped against marble tile, squeaking under your shoes attempting to stop yourself from ramming into one of the pillars behind you. You could smell blood, the patches of crimson, and dust from every other monster you've killed had doused your outfit making it impossible to get rid of. They were all reminders of what you'd done, even after befriending several creatures in The Underground; you still went through destroying their souls. Each, and every one. Papyrus wasn't the only other monster you'd killed, it was only after you'd slayed him that your bloodlust grew. And that damn flower encouraged you to go on!

But even he  got the sharp end of the stick, seeing what kind of a monster he'd created giving you so much attention and praise for your work. And he too fell victim to your anger. There was only you and Sans now, in a one on one battle for survival wanting nothing more to kill one another. You gave the skeleton credit, really surprised someone so lazy could pack this much power in a single blow.

You wouldn't have it though. Powerful or not, you were not going to let him stand in your way. 

"No, don't think it's over just because I'm weak. I'll kill you, I'll make sure every monster in this damn place doesn't survive!"

Your weapon raised high, sprinting towards the skeleton with every bit of power you had left slicing it through the air, slicing a few bits of white fluff from his hoodie in the process. Another attack missed, both eyes meeting with the dangerous glare of your once called friend. His right eye flared in rage, a single finger lifted mentally stabbing your bitter soul with that creepy smile he always had; before waving his entire arm back watching your body get swung back by spirit energy.

Your body lurch, a soft gasp that quickly turned into a scream...silenced by the impact of bones cracking, and nerves going on the absolute fritz when you collided with one of the many pillars you'd been trying to avoid. Everything went limp, you couldn't feel your legs. The bastard had broken your spine, and with a muffled whimper of both pain and protest you slowly fell to the floor, more pain shooting through you under the tile. You laid there, diamonds quick to fill those beautiful,  [eye color]  orbs trembling uncontrollably now unable to stand. 

The skeleton's fuzzy slippers grazed up against the floor as he approached you, a single glance flared watching you weakly grasp your weapon again. You started to raise it, only to let out a sharp yelp when his foot smashed itself against your hand pinning it to the ground forcing you to let go of it.

*stop this [Name], there's no way you can win...if your smart enough, i'd just give it up while ya got the chance. fighting ain't gonna fix the damage that's been done, and I still got a "bone" to pick with ya...  

Continuously dodging your attacks, Sans had honestly been going easy on you...really refusing to fight back not just because of his laziness, but that he couldn't bring himself to do so. Though his own anger and bitterness bubbled near the surface, deep down he knew wither he killed you or not...the ending would always be the same.

He'd be alone.

Papyrus, Alphys, Undyne, Grillby. 

They were all erased from existence, and you were the only person left in The Underground. The one who DID all of this.  

 *it'll make my job a lot easier if ya'd quit squirming...
*but really, I don't wanna do this anymore than you do kid... 

Your gaze narrowed, thrusting your other hand out violently grabbing the skeleton's shine attempting to pull yourself up struggling to free the hand trapped under his foot. 

"Quit...calling me that!! How many times do I have to tell you I'm not a child?! Is your skull too thick to get that??"

Your shrill voice echoed through the empty hallways, only disturbing the blue flames that flickered in Sans's right eye socket as he looked down at you. Him doing that only made you angrier.

"Stop looking at me! I'll show you what I'm capable of doing, even if you broke my fucking spine I'll still take you down!"


"You think I'm pathetic don't you? Just a worthless piece of scum human who can't defend themselves, who's too stupid to know who's worthy of trusting! To tell the difference between friend or foe! Just some desperate creature who can't prove anyone wrong!"

Your voice cracked, your trembling becoming more violent continuing to grasp his leg feeling him still staring at you...listening to your words and ever so slowly beginning to dim the light in his eyes. Is this why you did it? Why you killed everyone...because-

"It's the same everywhere I place, new friends, a chance to start over and forget rotten memories of those toxic relationships I use to have. I feel like everything is finally going to be okay, and I can actually enjoy being a part of a group....but then everything just shatters; because those people were never really my friends to begin with."

Sans's foot slowly removed itself, allowing you to try and move again only to use it and grab a fistful of his black shorts. You wanted so badly to stand, wipe that smug grin off his face, curse him for looking at you like some weakling. But the longer you felt him staring, the more you felt that sense of comfort start to come over you again despite trying to fight it back.

"They hated me....because I was different, because I was weak, because I didn't relate or follow what they did. They knew I was sensitive, and cut ties with me in the worst, possible way you could imagine the last time I ever saw them....I couldn't risk it happening again, and did what I had to do to prevent myself from getting hurt. I don't want to suffer anymore, I just want to be free of this merry-go-round of betrayal...."  

Thick streams of silver trickled down your rosy cheeks, finally tearing your eyes from the floor and lifting your head towards the skeleton's tear filled gaze, his own cyan fluids beginning to well up in the corners of his sockets.

"So do it....if it makes it easier, then do it....kill me, take my soul, whatever the hell you want. I have no reason to keep're right, I can't win this....I never had a chance. I never should have tried....I ever should have done any of this, and it's all my fault. It's all my fault..."  

All your emotions, finally caved in. Uncontrollable, heavy whimpers and sobs of agony and torment burst forth like a flood collapsing into a heap giving into the pain letting one's crimes, punishments, and judgment take over knowing you had gone something unforgiveable. And while the skeleton witnessed it all, you could only wait for him to deliver the final blow, saving you from another life time of regret and guilt.

In your mental breakdown, with tears bleeding thought your nearly unrecognizable features you felt a warm sensation gently caress your cheek. A boney hand cupped your bruised cheek, causing your gaze to shift noticing he had lowered himself to your level. His arms ever so carefully cradled your tattered frame, removing the hand which had wiped some of your tears away to the back of your head letting it snake through the bundles of messy, tangled hair letting you rest it against his shoulder. At first this confused you, but when you felt his own body trembling in the same manner you realized the skeleton had been struggling with his own inner demons.

*wanna know something I hate? how much of a softie I am...and hearing you talk shit bout yourself that ain't true. yea, I hate ya for killing everybody.

*but don't ever call yourself pathetic because you're different.

*even if you turned out to be a dirty brother killer, I saw potential in ya... an opportunity to be a better person, a chance to put those fears behind ya and live life to the fullest.

*we may be monsters [Name] , but we got feelings just like you....and we know what it's like to be abandoned by the world. it's the whole reason we're trapped down here in the first place.

*and to be honest with ya; you're too special of a person to kill...


*and I can't imagine living in this place without ya kid... 

Those words struck you like an arrow, teary eyes slowly widening themselves out hearing him speak. For the first time, you allowed yourself to be open to somebody, to spill your feelings and emotions without fear of being judged even though you expected to be killed and not have to worry about it. But Sans had shown you mercy, and spared your bitter actions that were done out of fear. And all for what? Because he cared....and you had a special place in his heart.


Your arms slowly coiled themselves around his well-rounded form, digging your nails into the fabric of his hoodie burying your face into the crook of his neck uttering a few, quiet sobs letting him hold you close feeling the skeleton's fingers begin to slowly stroke your hair all while letting a few whimpers of his own escape that smile of his, which had been crooked into somewhat of a frown indicating his sorrow. The two of you held eachother, sheading tears of regret, shame, and up most forgiveness for eachother.

*[Name]'s not to late to go back, there's still a chance for ya to make up for all of this. 

*we can forgot all of this never happened...

*we can be happy...

*you'll never feel alone again... 

He whispered, his cyan gaze looking down at you as you lifted your head just a bit, wincing from the unbearable pain in your shattered spine allowing more tears to flow due to it. You wished it to be true, that there really was a way to repair the damage you'd caused and mend eachother's broken hearts. But unfortunately in your mind it'd been dubbed impossible, no way things could be like they were before you came to The Underground. You certainly couldn't bring everyone you killed back from the dead either, you and him would be living here by yourselves, unless by some miracle either of you could get to the surface and work your way from there. With doubt filling your eyes, you stared into Sans's almost empty sockets his vengeful look, replaced with a compassionate, almost...loving expression.

"How can you be sure..?"

There was a weak chuckle from the skeleton, the corners of his cheek bones turned upright again back to that well-known smile you knew him for. The hand stroking your hair slid itself down to your cheek again, the tip of his thumb wiping the last trail of silver leaking from your eyes being sure you were still closer to his side even if you were much bigger and taller than he was. He wouldn't let you go, even if you begged him to. 

* just trust me [Name], you got nothing to worry bout...cause i'm right here with ya
* and I always will be...

He leaned in, and though unable to psychically preform it pressed the smooth, warm outline of his smile against your trembling lips, the glowing aura in his pupils fading as his eyes shut feeling your form go stiff for a moment. You did not resist once realizing what was happening, sinking the tips of your sore fingers deeper into the collar of his jacket, tuffs of white fur and sky blue fabric wedging itself between the cresses of them. You knew why now he had chosen to spare you, not because of your story, not because of his loneliness-

But because...he loved you.


I'd like to apologize in advanced, for all the feels that'd been brutally stabbed after reading this.

I forgot I started typing a small drabble a week or two when first playing Undertale. Decided to go ahead and finish it up the other day and make it a reader. Originally this was going to be a Papyrus one, but it turned out to be a Sans one instead thanks to watching so many people fight Sans on the Genocide route. Whoops-

Remind me why I hardly do readers. Because they burn the shit out of my fingers typing so many words! Jack's Tears-Jacksepticeye (request) Lest this one was much shorter than the previous ones I've done, hopefully they stay that way if I write anymore in the future.

So enjoy, have fun destroying yourself on this one way trip to Feels Land.

Characters and Undertale belong to Toby Fox (@)
Cover drawn by  (@)…
Reader written by (@) :iconbrunettegiraffe: BrunetteGiraffe
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Dimonds456 Featured By Owner May 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't ship Sans with anyone, really, but this was really well-done. Nice job on it. I know I'm also reeeeeally late... oh well. At least I found this. <3
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Hakej Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
I hope you don't mind I've used your art to my video -…
I left credit for you in the description.
BrunetteGiraffe Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
Thank you, but that's actually not my art. 
The person who made it is here…
I'd hate for there to be a misunderstanding of art theft or anything, so they should be properly credited. 

I only used their drawing as a preview image for my reader, and the link to the image is in my description. 
That's a really cool remix though! 
Hakej Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
I have now fixed the credits. Thank you very much for the response :)
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CutieEevee1 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 29, 2016
:: Being an idiot and not reading the title ::
:: Gets some wut to the end ::

Me: Is this is a shipping? (Btw i was putting the name as my OC XD)

:: Keeps reading anyways and is starting to cry at the hug ::
:: Gets to the amazing build up kiss ::

RIP Britney Spears What?! Huh
Ps: This is an amazing writing, i hope you keep up the great work.
CatyTem Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Internal tears
Randombushgirl Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It seems weird to see a fanfiction in this fandom
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BrunetteGiraffe Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016
There's tons of fan fiction in the Undertale community as of late. Here, Tumblr, and even places outside of both sites.

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That was totally amazing.. I can't even describe how I feel right now :c
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I thought at the end there would be a get dunked on betrayal. I'm so glad it didn't happen because that would have made me depressed. ;3;
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I felt like crying when Reader-chan was explaining her backstory to Sans during their battle ;-;
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I still have to practice drawing Sans though, and as I don't have the game I may not draw any backgrounds at all like omfg
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The feelz got the best of me hhhh--
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I've taken it into consideration, but more than likely I won't. My readers usually don't have secondary parts to them, because it takes a lot of time an energy just to write one.

I'm still glad you enjoy it though!
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