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Valley of the Kings


Valley of the Kings

Matte painting, kinda WIP as I may update things later but for now I'm satisfied. Vue for the render, CGTextures and other refs for the rest.

Hit download for the 2560px full view (or desktop wallie if you want).

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Whoo! Makes me thirsty just by walking there! =D
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Superb work. Love it...
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thanks! i think the texture throws off the scaling and makes the scene seem like model miniature though :S
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The clouds look like they're swirling around the sun, an interesting effect.
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a spaceship or a kind of old flying thing
would add so much Drama to this pic,
Still a brilliant piece....
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looks great!
nice use of vue!
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thanks! i think u have a better grasp of matte painting techniques than me but oh well :)
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Great job as always. :)
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This is amazing.....
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Wow I love it!
Hardly could notice that WASN'T a photo!
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You're welcome!
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This is a painting? I seriously thought it was a photo at first; it looks that good. =D
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it's a combination of 3D, photo refs and digital painting for certain areas :)
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Nice work! I like the subject and the atmosphere is perfect for this scene too :thumbsup: my only gripe is in fullview you can see a weird texture (is it sand?) that appears everywhere, if you could get it to only appear on the flat areas, and maybe have a larger scale, I think that would help, other than that i really like this one :)
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yeah, that's one of the WIP areas, I may re-render at a higher res with the material scaling in vue tweaked
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