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To any and all who take appreciation of those who fought in the Second World War to end the tyranny of the Nazi Regime.
78 years ago, one of the cruelest, bloodiest, most evil regimes in history finally came to an end.
With the signing of the documents of unconditional surrender, Nazi Germany ceased to exist, her crimes laid bare, to become the subject of the first international trial on war crimes.

Hitler's ashes rotted in a ditch, dead by his own hand as his empire collapsed around him. His lieutenants either followed him in taking their own lives to escape the gallows or were rounded up to be tried like the criminals they were. Admiral Karl Doenitz, second (and last) Fuhrer, lead a regime that survived for barely two weeks after Hitler's suicide.

On this day, known the world over as V-E day, (Victory in Europe) let us set aside the hatreds between nations, and remember when the Allied powers stood together against Nazi tyranny.
The sacrifices made by the people of Europe, particularly the 25 million+ casualties of the Soviet Union, to say nothing of the Innocents slaughtered by Hitler's racial delusions, the Jews, Roma, Poles, Slavs, and countless more, to say nothing of the brave freedom fighters who faced impossible odds, cannot be forgotten.
The stalwart determination of the people of Britain, who faced the Nazis effectively alone for over a year, and the French, many of whom refused to surrender and carried on the fight, must be recalled with pride.
The Soviets, who undoubtedly suffered the highest cost in lives, can not be but honored for their crucial role in the defeat of Nazism.
Nor can the Americans who willingly gave their lives in a war many had said was not their concern be forgotten.
And this is barely scratching the surface of the contribution made by the Allied nations: Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Poland, South Africa, Yugoslavia, Mexico, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Iraq, Brazil, Bolivia, Iran, Colombia, Liberia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Uruguay, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon

On this day, V-E day, stop and thank a veteran if you can, and never forget their sacrifice.
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Looks like I have been tagged by my longtime friend StrayQrow

StrayQrows Questions:
1. Describe your favorite character w/o mentioning their name.

He was a protege who awakened his potential two times to face evil beings, and was rewarded with pursuing his dream career and now raising a family.

2. Immortality or Reincarnation?

Reincarnation since you can live and leave a completely different life and legacy each time

3. Has anyone said that your art style looks similar to one seen in a show or comic? 

No actually.

4. Sunrise or Sunsets?

This describes my stance “Red sky at night, Sailors delight. Red sky in morning, Sailors warning”

5. How long have you been drawing for?

3 years, but stopped 4 years ago

6. Any silly nicknames?

'Big' by my dad when I was a kid

7. If you had a robot as an assistant what would they do?

Keep my room organized

8. Focus on coloring first or focus on lighting first?

Lighting first since that has importance in establishing the mood

9. If art blocks were to take a physical form, what would they look like?

Opioids because they are addictive distractions that can be self destructive if not kept in check.

10. Are you Brawn, Brains, or Beauty  ->…

Beauty or Brains in my mind.

11. What would the title of your autobiography be?

OMG I'm Devoid of Self Motivation

12. Write three positive traits about yourself 

I know how to relay information that would be helpful to people if I can't help them with their problems

I tag:

My Questions:

  1. What do you do to help you focus on a pet project of any kind?

  2. Are there any patterns that you are particularly fond of?

  3. If you could choose any animal as an exotic pet, what would it be?

  4. Are there any skills that you wish to improve upon?

  5. What quote would bests describe you?

  6. Are there any people who have influenced your work?

  7. What genres do you think work best with one another

  8. What is your personality type-…

  9. Is there any subject matter do you want to explored in a documentary?

  10. What colour do you associate stress & frustration with?

  11. Any genre or music that calms you the most?

  12. Do you or do you not have a desktop at your home?

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Byron J.Brooks
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Current Residence: Missisauga, Ontario, Canada
Age: 20
Likes: Drawing, writing, Rural life, Architecture, socializing, swimming and hiking
Dislikes:Shallow people, City Life, murder, abuse and Labradors


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