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Panorama 1151

City Hall, North Entrance
Penn Square
Philadelphia, PA
Copyright © 2011, Bob Bruhin. All rights reserved.
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Wow, beautiful! I haven't had a chance to see the interior. I'll have to take a look!
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It's easy to just walk through and see these. There are four of them, all different (though the western one will probably be closed because of the construction on Dilworth Plaza.
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Cool, next time I'm up there I'll have to take a look
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You are really on a roll -1511 is just outstanding. I'm looking around for a new project but still have a lot of construction shots to go through and think I still have some interesting things to do with them. I keep branching off into other styles, but realize I need to stick to the same style throughout the series.
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Thanks! 1511 (or 1151, as I should have labeled it) is shot with a new camera. My older camera couldn't have done so well with the complex light levels at this site.

My own penchant for different styles, sometimes, is why I created the galleries, too. Just to separate the different concepts from each other.

I AM enjoying the construction shots, as you know, especially [link]