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steampunk goggles on derby

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steampunk prop

The goggles were made utilizing an old bakelite goggles set.
The center chain was removed and portions of the old goggles were sprayed with a light lacquer and dusted with brass powdered pigments. brass shelf angles were attached with epoxy to each lens.

The "eyebrow piece" was constructed of brass light pulls and aluminum rod attached with industrial epoxy. The piece was drilled and then attached to the lens via a screw post allowing the lens to pivot so they can be adjusted to individual faces or hats.

I stretched green acetate over the lens and tightened the acetate flat with a hair dryer set on low. aluminum spacers were then attached over the goggles for the final effect.
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Many thanks for your instructions :)
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Now that is a fine and sensible hat!
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I really love the green!!
what an amazing hat!!
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Thanks for the compliments. Glad you like the hat.
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Where would someone get a derby?
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you might buy one off e-bay, thrift stores (rarely), estate sales (occasionally), hat shops (these days mostly online).
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i see, thank you for telling me.
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ive never understood why the goggles are on the hat... you cant see thru them if theyr not in front of your eyes... can you? :O
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Convenient way to carry them when your not using them, for say protection vice eye correction. And they make a fashion statement.
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wouldnt one use them all the time...?
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Wow! I agree with ~Frat-Burger, I would so buy them. Proper job! :D
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I would so buy that if it were for sale
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Amazing! I wish I had the talent to do that with mine!
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Brilliant! I love that you removed the bridge piece and had it connect at the eyebrow instead.
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How splenidid! I do hope for a decent set of goggles one day. I just need to get round to it...
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has come out really nicely! great work
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The way this is done gives it an almost hilarious look. I'd love to wear something as whimsical as this.
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glad you like it it. You will probably get a kick out of the aeronaught costume once I get that done an posted.
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Wonderful hat and goggles. Very dapper AND practical especially when goggles are needed. (And when aren't they?)
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