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Way to desert city


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Way to desert city

Landscapes and settings

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Night's Watch - Game of Thrones Cosplay


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Riddler commission

Superheroes and Villains

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[SW] Thrawn

Thrawn and the Chiss

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ILM Art Department Challenge: The Ride - Revenge

Star Wars

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Silent Laughter (prologue)

Rain pelted against the windshield as the town car drove through the streets of Gotham, little plink plink sounds annoying the man sitting inside as he rifled through his index cards. He had his speech memorized, but was still nervous about it all the same. He had never been one for public speaking, but had done his best to rise to each occasion where he was put on the spot. This time, he had some notice, as this time it was his own plans that had led him to this moment. Setting aside the cards, he looked out the window as the driver turned onto a long bridge that led out away from the city, and out towards Arkham Island, where a large awning was set up inside the grounds, and dozens of reporters from as many news networks set up their cameras under tarps, or sheltered under umbrellas. "Are you sure you are up to this Master Wayne?" Alfred spoke with some concern in his voice. "I know this whole venture was your brainchild, but after everything that has happened, and with young master


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Deyja Zhet, operative of Black Sun

A Phoenix Rising

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ILM Art Department Challenge: The Ride - Revenge


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Not Arkham City


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Jessica Rabbit


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Queen Uhura

Beautiful Ladies

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