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BHD Design business card

By brucebah
My first ever attempt at creating a business card. Don't try to call or contact the numbers in the info section...they are all invalid...or otherwise owned by some other person in this city...don't know don't ask lol. The website doesn't exist either..

I chose Huckleberry Drive as the address because...I'm quite a fan of Mark Twains work....yes..go me a book worm...

Paper Stock i'll be using*: probably one of those cardboard rough surface texture... kind of things (anyone know about it?)...mmm...not cello-glazed..and definitely not glossed..

Anyhoo how's everyone going?

©2007 Bruce Hidalgo. Permission required to re-use image in print or electronic form.
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Simply beautiful
Checkout Thousands of professional designs for inspiration at htttp://
I would like to contract you to use this design and make us 1 card with our content. Again, same design, just different content....1 card. Let me know if you are interested.
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Great business card :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
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This is featured on my website :)
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Corporate of the week here: [link]
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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:D wow God is awesome. yeeewwwww
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nice bruce! i dig it
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thanks brother!:):)
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Very nice card._
The back is nice, clean and very clear.
The front is harder to see the logo, but it fits your job, cuz it's creative...

just my thoughts... :peace:
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haha thanks bro! appreciate it:) but yeah I agree with you on the logo, but the main focus here is the creative bit, therefore...creative logo haha.

hope all is well on your end:)
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yeah offcourse the highlite is the creative logo, its a good concept
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love the identity!
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MR Hidalgo is going solo..... :D hahah awesome bruce.

Glad you updating a bit.[New avatar as well]

Rough surface for your business card is definitely a stand out.

Keep the work flowing bro.

be blessed <<< :P

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mmm.. I've been soloing it since...2007 actually...nothing new, only difference is I never had a business card.

and thanks!!:D
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Yea I know its been a while, I was implying solo by the new Business Card haha...
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