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Raiding Tombs!

 Rainbow Rotate Welcome back to The Colorful Thursday! Rainbow Rotate 
Yes I know, it's not Thursday yet here, but I couldn't wait to show the end result of this fantastic drawing La love.
It would seem little, but I learned a lot of things with this challenge:w00t: Revamp, maybe this will help me with papercraft :la:.

From studying the lineart, until complete it I think it took me about 42-45 hours :stare: (yes I know, I'm slower than a snail with broken legs Cheerin' on mah snail ).
Only I used colored pencils and mechanical pencil to outline Pencil Hug.
I scanned like 6 times with different parameters :angry: and this is as close to the original colors of the drawing (although the blouse should be more bluish :shrug:). And
I just cleaned up a little white part around the drawing with an image editor Cleaning .
I hope you 
like it as much as I enjoyed to color this challengePump Swagstick. Thanks James for allowing me color it! Man Hug 

Previous WIP's:
Raiding Tombs... (coloring WIP1)
Raiding Tombs... (coloring WIP2)

Lineart by: :iconjameslink: Original -> Lara Croft (Pencils + Finished Work)
Colors by: :iconbrspidey:
As always, questions and comments are welcome, as well as constructive criticism.Popcorn 2 (Meme) :bow: 
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You did a good job re-rendering the line art and as always I love your work with colored pencils, You are really good with the shading and blending of the pencil so that there are no scribble marks or double colored areas (that drives me crazy) At first I thought that you had colored it with a computer :D with the way that you did the cell shading. Improvement ideas, I see that you made it slightly darker as you go back towards the doorway with the rocks on the side, maybe concider lightly coloring over the brown with a black pencil. Also next time make sure that you do the same treatment with all of the surroundings, as the grey path back to the door could use some more shading :huggle: Really good work though as always!
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Thank you so much! :bow: (and sorry for the late reply :sorry:)
I just tried to do my best, because I'd never tried coloring something as complicated like this :o. I can't spend much time with the computer (at least not to work ;P) so I don't have much knowledge about digital drawing programs :B.
I really tried to darken the scene to the farthest, but the scanner ruined the subtle shading :shakefist:, anyway it is good point and I'll try to do better next time :hug:.
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Hey I understand late replies! I have made pleanty of those. Sometimes life gets in the way of the internet and that is the way it should be :)
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I understand your pain with scanning - my artworks hardly ever have the exact colours :(
now this is a good example of a fine usage of reference! :la: you did an awesome work yourself traditionally taking what's best from the digital original :giggle: this is what I would call an awesome way of learning ;) with a lovely final result - no wonder it took so much time :aww:
coloured pencils are sometimes jerks but I think you have a challenge ahead of you and that challenges name is.. textures :o leather, stone and dirt look alike and maybe it's a good thing to experiment a bit? ;)

as someone who is more to papercrafting you're doing a really fine job with coloured pencils :) such different techniques and you're managing it means you have some skills Spidey-Boy :giggle: don't waste it and keep up the good work! ;)
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The scanner is a treacherous, sometimes colors are very opaque, sometimes appear colors that don't exist :shakefist:, and sometimes these are very striking, the truth is never the same with all drawings :(.

I thought to make my own version of this lineart, but I have to say it was quite detailed for my little experience Pokerface (Remake), so I just used a bit the final digital drawing as a reference (this also had many dark colors :().
Yes, my challenge will begin to experience the different textures, I have to look for references and play around with colors :nod:.
I started coloring these challenges because several of my papercrafts are hand painted Manual labour :painter: (I love the effects achieved with paintpainting), and often I don't know how to make a realistic shading - also a drawing is finished much faster and you can observe the results - so you can apply them in the papercraft.
I wholeheartedly thank you for taking the time to observe and criticize my work! Luffy and Hancock (Hug) [V1]  :stronghug:  I assure you that your advice has been very useful to me :dummy:, I appreciate these kinds of details (and more coming from my Sensei Blithering Idiom Emote Contest).
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well I understand why the old masters never scanned their artworks... apart from that scanners didn't exist :giggle:
haha you shouldn't be that afraid of dark colours - they are your fiends as well :D
and using other people's works is a good way to practice anyway ;)
as a papercrafter at least you have less problems with shading - the form itself does that for you =P

oh heavens... calling me sensei is flattering but makes me feel old - you have to have years of experience :O
I'm happy to help :aww:
BRSpidey's avatar
It's because I have the brain of an engineer Emoticons' math problem and I have trouble understanding how to use dark colors:idontgetit:, I think it is harder to make gradients or smooth surfaces :(.
Papercraft gives you a certain shades, but if these aren't adequate model can look rare test begins now.
Well, surely you must have years of practice with your beautiful drawings, plus it's not a compliment said lightly, one can recognize the mastery Sensei at first sight Mizue Bows Icon.
fenifire's avatar
nah! I don't accept your excuse - I'm an engineer myself as well, so that doesn't convince me ;)
work work work and everything will be fine :aww:

well the papercraft model takes care of it's shades even without your help ;)
oh my... years of practice mean nothing when you don't know how to use it - and for me the most important thing is to inspire others :XD:
but I'm glad to help with those little hints I know :aww: glad to be of service :w00t:
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That is a sweet piece  of Art. I love your use of the irregular framing device so Lara pops out more in the foreground giving the composition the added sense of depth.
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Thank you for your comment! :)
I only gave color to the
great Jameslink 's lineart ^^;, but I tried to give color depth =D.
Yep, it'is a very interesting concept of his drawings.
lNiyu's avatar
Oh my !!
Quedo genial *^* ..

Y yo extrañando dibujar D:
BRSpidey's avatar
Verdad?! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1]

Y porqué lo extrañas? No has podido conseguir los lapices de colores? Qué tal te fué en el viaje?
Demasiadas preguntas, sorry ^^;
lNiyu's avatar
Haha np ~
Fue bien el vuelo, no me mori del panico :v

Y aun no eh preguntado por lapices de colores, pero al menos si puedo darme un momentito para continuar con los linearts ~~~ :3
BRSpidey's avatar
:lol: ya te estas acostumbrando a las alturas :XD:

Sí apenas estoy revisando las deviations :P no sé como no hay un botón de "favoritear todo" :fliptable:
Yo aquí no puedo terminar a Samus :faint: y ya se me queman las manos por emprezar otro proyecto :woohoo:
lNiyu's avatar
Uuh ... pero ya se ve bastante bien >,<
BRSpidey's avatar
Es que todavia le hace falta un toque "BRSpidey" :XD:
lNiyu's avatar
BRSpidey's avatar
Eso quisiera :o pero ahora ni me dió tiempo de colorear nada por terminar a Samus :faint:
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El-Fracasor's avatar
Wonderful! I love the colouring of this work!! :clap:
BRSpidey's avatar
Thanks a lot! :)
I'm just starting these coloring challenges :w00t:.
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Fantastic! Well done man. Glad you took the time to color it man. :)

Edit... holy crap I had no idea you spent that much time on it! Wow! That's dedication!
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Thank you, I'm relly glad you like it. You don't know how much it means to me coming from you :bow:.
It took me a little because I was experiencing in the process, and when I was satisfied in some areas, I had to return to improve other :faint:.
Well, when something excites me so I can spend a long time without notice :B.
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No worries it's really awesome to have someone add to the work. I never expected anything like that. Same here with the excitement. It's always great to feel good about a piece and just get lost in it for a while. Doesn't happen so much for me these days, but every now and again i'll sit down and get lost in a piece. It's fun like that.

Thanks again for adding to the piece! :)
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Well, your Tomb Raider Series caught my attention La love , so maybe in the future I can color other of yours ;)
Noo, thank you very much to you :worships:, has been a great experience and a pleasure =D.
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