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I've been working on updating my website,, and I encourage you to go check it out as I  finish it up. I now have a more professional/automated way for interested users to purchase commercial licensing rights to the Token icon set. Feedback (and web traffic!) is encouraged!

If you've used my work in the past, it'd be awesome if you could update the credit to point to instead of Thanks!

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UPDATED: please link to, not to If you have a link you can currently change, do it. Site isn't live yet but I'd like to funnel traffic through it to drive up search engine ranking.

I've received a few requests to use Token icons in commercial and non-commercial contexts. Here are some guidelines as to what I consider fair use, and how I like to be cited:

-You're working an app, theme, or program for sale and want to include some Token icons, OR
-You're being paid to work on the app/webapp/website and want to included some Token icons

I ask that, on the honor system, you obtain a commercial license. I aks for $50, which includes commercial rights to any icon in the pack, as well as access to the vector version of the icons you're using.
Payment is made securely through PayPal. Contact me at:

evan [at] brsev [dot] com

As for citing my work, unless otherwise noted here, somehow include a  clear link to!
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So I've got a few more weeks before school starts up for me. I was thinking of integrating Token icons into a Firefox theme maybe, to complete my desktop's look. I've also made a Token-ized version of Gmail Notifier Plus for the Win7 taskbar, though I'd need permission to release it. Be sure to check out Whitoken, 6-mik-design's iPod tuch theme with my icons.
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I've really appreciated the response I got to my icons, being featured as a Daily Deviation came as a total surprise and the comments, favorite-ing, and all that is really flattering - it does wonders for my ego. ;)

I'm not really sure what I'm doing with my DeviantArt, I don't really feel its the best way to show my work so I'm going to create a personal website with a full portfolio. In the mean time, though, don't expect much more than a few rounds of updates to Token, which is quickly reaching unmanageable numbers of icons as requests balloon.

In other irrelevant and personal news shared with complete strangers, I'll be attending RISD in a few months! Woohoo!

Thanks again, all!
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Hi there. I'm a high-school senior with a few months to go before college (!) and this page doesn't really represent me as an artist. I draw, paint, and make prints using traditional media, and create graphic design work digitally. I plan on majoring in industrial design, though I'm interested in communication design as well, and from what I've heard, interaction design is an interesting field too.

However, this page is mostly about sharing my forays into GUI customization than a real portfolio, which I plan on putting up on a personal Web site as soon as I get around to creating one. My small icon set, entitled Mnml, has been reasonably well-received, so the next thing you can expect to see here is a reworked and expanded sequel to that.

I've also done some graphics (in the form of skins) for a few Windows Mobile programs that I'm running on my phone, which I may post soon.

So, um, that's about it for now. I'm not really into social-networking my personal details with all of cyberspace. As I'm a student, feedback is greatly appreciated!
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