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By brsev
UPDATED: please link to, not to If you have a link you can currently change, do it. Site isn't live yet but I'd like to funnel traffic through it to drive up search engine ranking.

I've received a few requests to use Token icons in commercial and non-commercial contexts. Here are some guidelines as to what I consider fair use, and how I like to be cited:

-You're working an app, theme, or program for sale and want to include some Token icons, OR
-You're being paid to work on the app/webapp/website and want to included some Token icons

I ask that, on the honor system, you obtain a commercial license. I aks for $50, which includes commercial rights to any icon in the pack, as well as access to the vector version of the icons you're using.
Payment is made securely through PayPal. Contact me at:

evan [at] brsev [dot] com

As for citing my work, unless otherwise noted here, somehow include a  clear link to!
© 2010 - 2021 brsev
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brsev: you da king, da mazda. love token!
I used your icons for a personal theme on my phone. Im getting a lot of requests to release and I won't do so without your permission. Let me know if you'd like to see shots
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Sure, if it's personal or freely distributed I'm okay with it, post me a link when you're done.

Also: I so just fell for DA april fools. Took me a good 10 minutes to notice that everybody's effected.
well heres a quick look at what i have so far


and heres another i just whipped up. once again of course your icons felt like a no brainer

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Really nice work! using android it seems... What's the app you're using, some lock screen or Home replacement? Whatever it is looks so much better than the useless stock screens.
thanks man, means a lot

actually its Windows Mobile lol.

Im using Wisbar Advance Desktop, its pretty much a blank canvas to do WHATEVER you want on your homescreen
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Ah shoulda known, I use WM too, lots of customization to do but I'm jumping ship for android first chance I get. :D
yea I think i will too. Sprint's EVO 4G will most likely be it for me. Thing is a monster
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Well that's pretty fair and your obvious right :thumbsup:
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