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Updated Token icons on a Mac

By brsev
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I haven't published anything in a while, but I have been experimenting with some new icons as I transition over to the Mac. I know many users of Token run Windows 7 - rest assured if I publish icons I will do so in device-neutral formats as well.

Using Mailplane, iStat, Candybar, SlimBatteryMonitor, Black Menubar. Wallpaper is Childhood from the Dreams2 pack I've used before.
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Link to wallpaper pack ----…      credits by Psychopulse.
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Man, could you link this wallpaper ? I just fell in love with it.
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how did you make your menubar black and translucent?
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oh nice i wish i have time and mind to do that
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How is your menubar translucent? Looks absolutely stellar.
hack-exe-gu-1's avatar
If you made an app store icon, i would love you forever.
I love Token icons. I'm running a variant of them (AwOken) on Ubuntu Lucid as of now. But I'm getting a mac soon. Can't wait for official Token icons for mac!
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The Dock style is it just for Mac? Is there a Skin for Rocketdock or other windows dock for that? :)
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Vey Good Pic¡¡¡¡Exelent...:)
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How do I use the token icons on a mac?
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I hope that you will release these beautiful new token-icons soon.
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Where I can download those icons? :)
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clean wallpaper
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I love the cleanness.
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Link for skin Dock ?
marclaniohan's avatar
the newer icons look very nice!
I keep checking back every week or 2 to see if you released them. Im anxious to use them :) hope you release em soon
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There are some very nice Icons for OS-X in the preview which I miss in the actual Token set. Hope to see the new Token set soon.
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Great job man, I'm looking forward to these new icons to use on Win7.
Hello, can I have those Mac icons of your dock? they are so beauty and not included on Token icon set
Nice desktop. link for the wall?
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