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Token - File Types

By brsev
These are simple, minimal icons for common file types designed to compliment the dock-style application icons in Token [link]

Each of the 32 icons has a dark and light variant, and is saved as a windows ICO that displays crisply at pretty much any resolution you throw at it (the 16x16, 32x32, and 256x256 sizes are each tweaked for their resolution).

The above preview shows all the icons currently included, before you go through the trouble of downloading.

I hope you like them!
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All your work is very, very beautiful. In Portuguese, I would say "elegant". Thanks a lot for share them. 
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Thank you sir, really AMAZING work. Great Job
How do i install these?
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How do I make all my files of a certain type use a Token icon automatically (on Windows 7)

(Like, when I make a folder I want it to use the Token folder icon.)
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Dude i miss the blender icon
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Hey, great job. Love your work! Perfect addition to your icon set.
Would you be willing to add one by request? CorelDraw .cdr?
Tnx, J
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BTW, same thing for the app icon, CorelDraw. Thanks a bunch
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well done job!
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Great job! Thanks! :)
Please make a package.xml file for this! would make peoples lives much easier
Do you Know anyway to make one For Cinema 4D?
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Thanks for making the file types. You are adding even more uniformity to my computer
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Those are simply...beautiful
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Hi ! Im From Turkeyy ! :)
Icon's wonderfoul ...
Im need your help
Which u used 256 * 256 icon make :)
Im sorry bad English :D
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Awesome, I love your entire Token series of icons. Kudos for a job well done! Keep it up, please. :)
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All I can say is that I love you for making these! I've discovered them through the Circle Launcher for Rainmeter. Wanted to put in some different icons but keep the same style so took a quick look on dA to see what was available. Found these immediately and am so stoked! They're absolutely gorgeous :D
Hi, this set is awesome !!
I am new and con someone tell me how to install them please?

thank you
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Hey, I have been using your Token icons(the Dark version) as replacement icons on my dock for quite a while now(ever since Oct2010, according to the folder info) and noticed that you didn't include AfterEffects as an icon, so I tried to make it on my own by following your tutorial. I've gotten pretty far, but would like to know what font you used for the Adobe icons?
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LikE it ! Thanks
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nice one, i am using some on my desktop wallpaper, see the screenshot here [link]
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