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Token Desktop

By brsev
My current desktop, used daily on my eee. No third-party programs are running in the background, Win7 taskbar is a great bottom dock and some modified wallpaper makes the middle 'dock.'

Wallpaper by ~art-styles, [link] and modified by me to add the 'dock.'

Icons by me, [link]

Start button by me, [link]
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twitch-620's avatar
Can u share a copy of this wallpaper with me because the link u gave is broken?
Hey pleeeasee post a new wallpaper link! D:
Twipeep's avatar
Just amazing !
I'll try to do the same :)
New link for wallpaper plz

DARK87GHOST's avatar
hello well its such a great work and i have a question for you if you dont mind

how did you get that dock it really rocks
and i already googled it before asking you :P

nice work again dude
24ameer's avatar
oh dude it looks great ,,, really !!
im wondering how can i have like this bar (on the middle) on my desktop
plz help me ,, i really like it and ill be glad to have it on my desktop
thanks and good work :D:D
Can you post another link on the wallpaper with the middle dock in it please :)
Mahkia's avatar
Sorry to continue spamming your deviation, but how did you change the text color for the icons?
Mahkia's avatar
This is lovely. Very striking, and so simple. I dig the minimalistic look, and I've been using your Token icons on both my desktop and my netbook. :)

One question, though. How do tasks look in the taskbar once you've opened something? It seems like there wouldn't be room for many open applications with the icons in the taskbar, unless I'm missing something obvious. I don't have 7, so that's entirely possible. :P
Mahkia's avatar
Nevermind, I found out it is a Windows 7 feature. Is there any way to emulate that on Vista?
kanttii's avatar
Yeh, there are freeware like ViGlance etc. and bigger payware programs.

It's better to just upgrade to 7 ;)
Mahkia's avatar
It really is, and I have since I posted that. XD I'm definitely in love with this OS.
kanttii's avatar
Hehe :love: :D

Do you use 32 or 64bit version of it? I use both mainly because of incompatible printer drivers & some GOG like AoE2 etc (it doesn't work, tho). Now trying to figure out how I could use 32bit colors in XP Mode/VMWare/VirtualBox virtualization..
Mahkia's avatar
I use 32 bit, but my husband has 64 bit. I have 32 bit on both my gaming machine and my netbook. Got an awesome deal from a friend. :) But I haven't had any compatibility issues with mine, though a friend with 64 bit has had some webcam driver issues.
kanttii's avatar

Yeah, they're more common with older devices. But 64bit OS has so much to offer that in few years most of us have moved to it :)

I'm self-employed IT support guy & provider, and it's nice to see how people react with new technology!
Mahkia's avatar
That's what my husband wants to be doing! He's trying to start up a business, actually! The economy is so bad, he figured he needed to do something, and it's something he's been wanting to do forever.
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runyi's avatar
the middle 'dock.'is cool
Didn't understand at all how middle dock is made
BilliShere's avatar
this looks so hot..what did you use to replace the icons? iconpackager?
brsev's avatar
Nope, just right-click, properties, change icon.
BilliShere's avatar
LOL!! one of those folders is definitely P0rn!!! ;)
brsev's avatar
Haha, I guess that looks suspicious? I just blanked out my own name though.
Project-Tsm's avatar
Great and simple desk ;)
brsev's avatar
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