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Subtle Start Orb

Matches my Token icons. For Windows 7, looks best when 'small icons' is checked and taskbar is at the bottom of the screen.

Pictured here with theWin7 visual style AeroPlain, find it here: [link]


Option 1: use a resource editor like ResHacker and replace bitmaps 6801, 6805, and 6809 in explorer.exe - look elsewhere for a tutorial, I'm not very good at explaining it.

Option 2: If and ONLY IF you're using Windows 7 RC build 7100 32 bit / x86 version, you can TRY my modified explorer.exe included in the zip - no guarantees.
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omg i love you. i always use small icons and no start orb matches. ahh, fuck yea.
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Hi~ alright well I was just wondering if you could explain how to, i guess instal this. Mostly because I truly have no idea! And it's frustrating me that i cant this done... so if you could help me out, it would be appreciated!! :)
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is there anyone who could make bigger version of this?
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Please make a top Version ! :)
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Can you give us a white version? thanks :)
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it's my most favorite orb ever cause i am one of thousand se7en users who use token icons dock taskbar :D it's just the best setup for the superbar.
one question: is it possible to remove these bright lines at the right what match the soft7 vs and keep the flag with animation so i can use it in other visual styles too. the lines don't look that good with small taskbar :( i tried it by myself but i failed, explorer.exe seems not support multi layer bmp files.
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Thanks man! If I don't get around to offering a new version in a timely manner, open the channels palette in photoshop and you should be able to see the Alpha channel - black out the lines in the alpha and they won't show.
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ok that didn't work :(
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thanks ~brsev i will try it, ok i confess i'm a photoshop-lefty but i think i can get this hahaha. best regards and keep up the great work dude :wave:
Perfect, thank you.
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is there a light version?
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Really nice and smooth!
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Looks nice. I like the idea how it light with white colour...
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Still no white version?
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brsev, any chance for a 64 bit version ? Not digging the reshack thing, thanks !
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If you really want it for x64 I can do it for you. But I would have to get his permission.
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It's not like i'm gonna sell it, just send it over my e-mail if you can do it for me -

Thanks in advance !
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Hey, love this... I'm using it with the Nude vs and token icons for all my programs (kudos, for those btw) only problem is I'm trying to reshack my 64-bit explorer.exe and it works fine with the included .bmp but when I try to remove the two vertical lines next to the actual flag (sorry, just don't like those)and use the edited .bmp, I get a weird 4 pixel wide black smudge which isn't really what I want... so basically, any ideas how to fix that? :D
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It's a four-channel RGBA bitmap, you'll need to edit the alpha channel in photoshop or the gimp.
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Oh right, sorry... didn't realise it had an alpha channel. All is perfect now :D
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Nice. Can you make version so I can use this icon when taskbar location on screen is set to top?
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