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Mnml Icon Set

By brsev
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Here's yet another set of minimal icons that work against dark backgrounds well. There are 20 standard icons, 1 folder icon, and 5 'group' icons (like the adobe one in the preview) for themes, like Adobe Creative Suite or MS Office.

All are 128*128 transparent-background PNGs.

Included Icons:
Adobe Stack
Generic Stack
Desktop/Window Stack
Office Stack
Favorites Stack
Start Menu
Google Chrome
Show Desktop (down arrow)
Internet Explorer
Illustrator (CS2 flower)
InDesign (CS2 butterfly)
Itunes/Music (music note)
Photoshop (CS2 feather)
Shut Down
Recycle bin/Trash
Screenshot (dashed square)
Task Manager (graph)
Word Processing

Dec. 21 Update:
Maps (compass)
Windows Media Player

(Font is Diavlo from exljbris)
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very good they are perfect for dark themes thank you

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Really nice, thx
How do i download?
Deadwave36's avatar
there is a download button in the up right corner
MEMES909's avatar
it doesn't exist anymore
Kateastr0fic's avatar
You click download.
TheMustang24's avatar
excellent work! 
jcvorsteh's avatar
Its really a good work..Nicely done. . .
fauIts's avatar
can you make a  avast free antivirus icon? i really dislike having to use the adobe icon ((which is extremely off)) for avast.
mndhta's avatar
simple and beautiful
Very nice,but I want the icon for "Skype"!!:,-(
DanaDizane's avatar
Very nice. I like this play on the minimalistic white icon out of all I've seen thus far!
lucidchrome's avatar
I'd like to know what software did you use to make this?
Foxyeyes2012's avatar
Astrogenic's avatar
I really like the art of minimalism. Now I want to put the art of minimalism in my laptop. Thank you for these! :)
EriamX's avatar
I want the icon for "Format Factory" ! T-T

You don't give the PSD for peaple who want to make icons themself ? :P
EriamX's avatar
Oh sry ! I did'nt see the "Tokens" icons ! GREAT a PSD !!! :D
Cfir-Amar's avatar
thank you, but can someone converte this to .ip [ IconPackager ] or .ico files types?
creativasfera's avatar
Brilliant, thanks!
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