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January 2 - Clean Slate

By brsev
Here's my newly reorganized and cleaned-off desktop - I've finally gotten used to Libraries in W7, and I'm a fan. See my gallery for icons etc. Uses zero background processes (and therefore resources) besides "Skinny Clock." See fullview for crisper detail. Yes, netbooks have small screens. Yes, my netbook is my primary computer, and yes, all graphics were created by running photoshop on it.
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N1Bombast's avatar
Is that a dock on top of your screen? what is it
thebloggingbunny's avatar
pretty wallpaper, did you make?
DanaDizane's avatar
How'd you get skinny clock to now show the desktop clock and just the taskbar?
Tangibello's avatar
Lookin' snazzy.
Smooth as Silk
Caker9's avatar
I know how to get the icons, but how did you get a white taskbar?
JamesDouglas68's avatar
..è.. ..FANTASTICO!!!
acme005's avatar
less is more - nice done
mmm so clean
OneeaaL's avatar
Can you do a pack of your wallpapers, please !
nice! I always want a desktop like this! Is it win 7?
so nice!!!!!!!
sent it to and thanks!
bornforeducation's avatar
hey man how did u change the windows start button?

i use w7sbc but that make my extend button on the toolbar me
and i want the window button icon and apple icon of token

send me at
l15ard's avatar
very nice, I want this on my desktop, maybe putting together an inno installer with the component parts and including the icons in a theme pack for win7 maybe the way to go
Chef-of-KH's avatar
where did you get this second taskbar
Vortices's avatar
I think it's part of the wallpaper, and he arranged his desktop icons along the top.
DARK87GHOST's avatar
i would love to have such dock you have how did you do it dude
Yellooh-Snooh's avatar
can you please release your wallpaper?
Could you please put this wallpaper up or send it to me?
alonzoh's avatar
sadly this wall looks kinda stripy on my desk but it looks fantastic here :nod:
p.s.: may i ask what is the upper area of this setup with the libraries, is it rainmeter or a dock app? looks great and pretty usable :thumbsup:
vojta94's avatar
beautiful work man,love it.But hey you dont have a text under icons :O how ? just rename to alt+255 ??
mulongjun's avatar
thanks,could you bring your Startbutton to me?

Any chance I can get that wallpaper? (without the "dock")
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