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Available in a single, high-res size, Corollary is a small work-in-progress icon set for use in the Mac dock. Feel free to use in other themes, etc, but these are strictly non-commercial - contact me to find out more!
(Sorry, I'm not doing requests/tuts/etc.)
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I am working on an expanded icon pack which is inspired by your icons as well as google's black and white "material" icons.  It will be available for all platforms, in both vector and raster formats, including proprietary formats like Adobe CSH (custom Photoshop shapes) and AI, Iconjar, as well font and webfont versions.  It will of course be free, but donations will be accepted which I would love to share with you.  Please get in touch.  Cheers!
NUWB HERE sry caps how do i apply said icon pack?
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Do you have a PC or Mac?
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Hi, could you give me advice how to change all win 7 icons? I re-installed system,and now,with placebo theme default system icons are just ugly ;/ Thank you for any advice :)
i can't download this file. any mirror?
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Good quality. Check my starting set too! You might like it. Im planning to "metronize" all the cool sofware icons out there. Ive started bashfully with the 3D software field.
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superrrrrrrrrrr likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:)
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looks great but could use more icons
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You haven't done the Adobe Premiere Pro icon! You probably forgot it ;)
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these are exactly what I've been looking for !! thanks!!

is there any way i can get the background in psd so I can customize couple more icons for myself to use (MS project and trillian and stuff....)

Thanks again!!
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I think this is perfect for my sidebar . . .
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Great icons!!!
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awesoome dude :D like this icon... :D
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