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S1T01-E1: Find the Subseed Forest Dungeon



'Y'know, man...this might've been the perfect task for us," Arrow was quick to point out as they approached the sea of trees.  Avoiding obstacles, bugs and rampant Phantump was surprisingly easy with the pair having ears the size of Andulusst...rounding up.  They never really expected to live up to thier namesake in such a strange fashion, but finding a stump with a hole wasn't the easiest of tasks either.

"Quiet!  I'm trying to make sure we're not messing too much up."  Fi was concentrating using high pitched screeches and focusing on what returned.  It was something easier said than done with all the trees causing disruptions to the echos.  Arrow could hear the sounds his bat partner was making, but tried to simply listen to the forest.  It wasn't too different from where he lived, but it was less wet.  He still appreciated its beauty, however.

The pair was making some serious headway as they traversed the forest.  It was a splash of color thanks to the apricorn trees scattered throughout.  They quickly realized that Ganiva wasn't kidding about the stump thing.  There were a lot of them.  Plenty were cut down for the lumber while others were cut to practice.  Both scenarios left a clean cut for the two to investigate.  Stump after stump were examined in what was possibly one of the most tedious tasks of either one's lives.  They almost gave up when the Team actually found it.

The stump in question was exactly like every other one in the forest.  In fact, the only reason it was found like that was due to Fi kicking it in frustration, and it made a distinctly hollow sound.  After some investigation, the mouse and the bat found that the top of the stump was fastened to the body.  The two met eyes and agreed to immediately report thier findings, but finding their way back to town adn then back once again to the stump would prove...difficult.  At the very least, they were relieved it wasn't a wild Swanna chase.

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Item choice:  Apricorn Necklace
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Hey, sorry this took so long to get to. Since the task requires you to locate the dungeon entrance, you need to depict your team locating it, or doing something that indicates that they've located it - like trying to get back to town with the stump stuck on them, say. Any form of visual art completion will work, or you can fill out a writing app and your written description will do the trick.

You've got a week from now to make any changes if you want the reward. Then delete and resubmit to the Atlas (DON'T delete it from the group!). Sorry for the trouble, and good luck!