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The Remuda Livery RNG Invitational is a weekly RNG show -- in addition to offering some the best gorram trophies anywhere, the Remuda Livery RNG has classes like Virtual Selfie, Mutation Showcase, Foal Frolics, Training, Rodeo Days, Costume, Potions & Flights of Fancy!


this link will take you to Google Docs!

SHOW RULES: Remuda Livery RNG Invitational: Click Here For Show Rules

Click on the link above to read. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE RULES!  If these are not followed, I will not enter your horses in show!
Additionally: please note that 2021 Drawloween art cannot be entered into a show)

PAST EVENTS:  Remuda Livery RNG Invitational: Past Show Results


The Remuda Livery RNG Invitational offers the following classes each week:
  • Viral Selfie: Class restrictions:  horse headshots only -- bridle or halter optional
  • Foal Frolics:  Class restrictions: horse must a foal or a yearling
  • Halter: Class restrictions:  horse must be wearing a halter. 
  • Liberty: Class restrictions:  horse cannot be carrying a rider or wearing any type of tack (blankets are the exception).
  • Dressage:  Class restrictions:  horse should look like it is performing dressage, with or without a rider.
  • Racing: Class restrictions:  horse must be moving forward, with or without a rider. Headshots must reflect the physical effort of racing.
  • Jumping:  Class restrictions:  horse must be jumping, with or without a rider. Headshots must reflect the physical effort of jumping.
  • Endurance:  Class restrictions:  art requires a background that reflects an outdoor (non-fenced) environment; horse must be in motion moving forward 
  • Trail Riding: Class restrictions:  art requires rider and/or tack to reflect a day's ride out on the trail -- or simple hack around the pasture; headshots must have appropriate tack.
  • Rodeo Days: Class restrictions:  art requires Western-style bridle and/or tack -- can reflect reining, cutting, barrel racing or other Western-style equestrian sports.
  • Driving/Harness: Class restrictions:  art requires driving harness, or appropriate driving headgear
  • Training: Class restrictions:  horse needs to be shown in proper training gear; handler may be off-screen, but some lead line must connect the horse to an off-screen trainer
  • Free Dance: Class restrictions:  horse must appear to be "dancing", without a rider 
  • Costume: Class restrictions:  some sort of costume or costume element is required
  • Jousting: Class restrictions:  art requires "dragon tack" (medieval-style tack) or an ornately styled bridle
  • Flights of Fancy: Class restrictions:  horse must be winged; must look as though it can be flying.  Up to two hooves can be touching the ground IF it looks as though it is taking off or landing. Headshots only acceptable if wings are visible as well.
  • Potions: Class restrictions:  putting those Nordanner potions to use!  Some sort of potion effect must be displayed (or the potion itself must be displayed -- this doesn't have to be a Nordanner-only class)
  • :new:Barn Buddies: Class restrictions: putting those Familiars to use! Horse must be shown with their best (non-equine/non-humanoid) friend!  
  • Free-For-All: Class restrictions:  anything goes!
  • Naturals Showcase: Class restrictions:  only horses of breeds that have a division between "natural" and "mutation" are eligible; breed type must has to be noted with entry. 
  • Mutation Showcase: Class restrictions:  only horses of breeds that have a division between "natural" and "mutation" are eligible; breed type & mutation type both must be noted with entry. Art must feature the actual mutation (for example, a Stardust Valorteen's stardust; a peafowl Nordanner's peafowling). 
  • Weekly Writer's Challenge: Class restrictions: 1) the fic must be at least 500 words in length, 2) the fic award can stack (i.e. -- an entry that includes both art & fic can be entered in another class that meets the class requirements for the art, and into the Writer's Challenge class if it meets this class's requirements); and 3) the following three randomly selected words (Random Word Generator) must be incorporated into the fic in a smooth fashion. (See this week's link for the challenges' randomly generated words!)
  • Diamond 14K Fast & Furious Street Race:  Class restrictions: art or fic are both eligible, must feature horses w/riders in an urban street race. Headshots must include tack & reflect the physical effort of racing. Race sponsored by the Street-Steeds group but need not be a group member to participate.) 
  • UDC Gladiatorial Arena Challenge: (Class restrictions: art or fic are both eligible, must feature horses w/riders in a UDC dragon combat scenario. Headshots must include required UDC combat mesh. Race sponsored by the Street-Steeds group but need not be a group member to participate.) 


  • Any horse breed that has a points award system is welcome.  But horses only! No tokotas, shedus, or other dA non-equine breeds.  (Apparently, fawnlings are considered equine by some HaRPG groups, so they get a reluctant handwave past the judges)
  • This is a weekly show: judging will take place every Sunday morning (Pacific Standard Time).  The exception to this will be the optional Midnight Show* -- please see below for more details.
  • Judging is RNG, not effort-based.  An online die roller ( will be used, either the True RNG widget (for classes of 2 horses) or the list randomizer feature (for classes of 3+ horses)
  • All entries are eligible for the weekly Grand Championship -- the grand prize is selected using the True RNG widget.
  • The Remuda Livery CAN enter these shows and will be subject to the same fickle humor of the Random Number Gods as everyone else (Grand Championship included). (I will not personally enter more than two horses per class group; other artists may enter Remuda Livery horses as they desire, as long as the rest of the rules are followed.)
  • A show results journal will be kept here, for you to link back too.  
  • "Nekkid" horses without tack or riders can be entered into these classes -- unless otherwise noted in the class description.  Headshots can also be entered, as long as other class requirements are met.  Please be respectful of the theme of each class:  for instance, a horse rolling on its back in a field should not be entered into a dressage or racing class.  But if you can say with a straight face that your stallion's headshot looks like he's racing barrels or flying over a steeplechase, then enter him in those classes.   If the show's ringmaster (that's me) believes an entry is obviously questionable, you will be notified and asked to enter a different class.  Please pay attention:  some classes do have tack or rider requirements. Entries that fail to meet those requirements will be disqualified.
  • You can only enter art that hasn't been shown & placed in another show (RNG or Effort Judged).


  • Entry posts must include the horse's ID #, name & registration link, and which class to be entered DO NOT EXPECT ME TO HUNT FOR THIS INFORMATION -- PUT IT ALL IN THE ENTRY POST!  Participants who fail to provide complete entry information will be asked to try again.
  • If there are more than 5 entries per class, additional groups will be created.
  • An owner may enter multiple horses in a single class, but no more than one entry per horse per class/group.
  •  In order to avoid confusion and timesink, please submit separate pieces of art as separate art files whenever possible. I understand sometimes that will not be possible, but please make an effort to clearly identify which horse is which -- if I have to guess which horse is featured in an entry, the entry is automatically disqualified instead.
  • Art must be your original work (or single-use YHH or single-use line-art you've commissioned).  No recolored free-to-use base body line art or lines sold and recolored for multiple sales. (Clarification: I don't care about free-to-use backgrounds, but the horse art itself must be hand-drawn.)
  • Art cannot have already been judged in other shows. However, if you entered the art in another show that has failed to be judged, you are welcome to re-enter it here.
  • There are no "ghost horses" in the weekly event.  So if your horse is one of only two horses entered into a class, you've got a 50/50 chance of bringing home 1st place.


Sometimes you need emergency XP, and you need it now.  That's what I will host Midnight Shows for.

Midnight Shows are a single class (any theme), the results of which are rolled within 24 hours* of when they have been submitted (generally in the evening's PST, or early in the morning PST).  Multiple horses may be entered; entrants will compete in groups of five, which groups fleshed out as needed with "ghost horses."  Midnight Shows will have a separate placing journal, and Midnight Show entries are not eligible for participation in the weekly Grand Championship.  Midnight Shows do not have separate classes (i.e. Racing, Dressage, Jumping), do not receive horse stick trophies, and are not eligible for the weekly Grand Championship.

*when possible:  Real Life sometimes will get in the way of my being online each and every day, and I refuse to apologize for Real Life when it gets in the way of fandom.


In additional to XP and general bragging rights, the Remuda Livery Invitational also offers our exclusive "dance stick" trophies for your stable's virtual showroom. Horse dance sticks were created by the warriors of the Great Plains tribes and are still carried into ceremonial dances today as a way to immortalize a cherished mount.

:iconremuda-livery: Remuda Livery RNG Invitational

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Don't mind while I slide some more old art in here XD

Art: The Maroon Room

Class: Free For All


9675 Avada Kedava

927 Lullaby

Art: The Turqoise Room

Class: Endurance


9675 Avada Kedava

927 Lullaby

Art: The Purple Room

Class: Racing


9675 Avada Kedava

927 Lullaby

Art: The Magenta Room

Class: Liberty


9675 Avada Kedava

927 Lullaby