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Comic: Alwas Naked

Oh no I think Spike broke Twilight. :D

:iconcrazytwilightplz: Everything I now is a lie!

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Not just Twilight and her friends, but EVERYPONY walks around the streets of Ponyville BARE NAKED!
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what have you done, spick? 
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btw his name is spelled like this, Spike
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spike you idiot
SavedByGODsGrace777's avatar
would fur be considered their natural clothing?
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Do you think that that short of fur would cover her um *cough* you now what?
joel111's avatar
I always thought they wore plastic covers that are there colors
SavedByGODsGrace777's avatar
Well... If you want to get technical than I guess your right.

But we don't know if celestia used a public decency spell on the world so nothing would show... 


Or its just cartoon logic.   :icontrollestiaplz: 
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I vote cartoon logic. :D
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I vote they don't have anything :D
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I second that! :dummy:
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Looks great.
Spike is naked too.
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LOL there all naked! :dummy:
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Oh dear, my OCD is acting up. Sorry, just wanna say that in panel 2 and 4 Spike says "your" when it should be "you're". Anyway very amusing comic!
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LOL oh well. :D and thx!
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you're welcome ^^
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I want to break her to. Well just so she'll do something crazy. Or hide in her book fort! :icontwilightbookfortplz:
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Think of the book fort that she can make now that she lives in a library! XD
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