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[Com] Dean Asunder Let’s try this again, shall we?The witch’s cryptic question made less sense by the second, because as he looked around, Dean was certain he’d never dealt with anything like this.The trees towered farther overhead than ever. If not for the enormous leaves gathered in the tree roots with him, he’d think maybe he’d been sent to the Redwood Forest. Instead, he realized with mounting dread, he could be anywhere.It didn’t feel like the real world. Animals cried in the distance, once-familiar sounds warped by what that witch did.He was small. He was small and alone and he had no idea where his dad or Sammy were. A part of him wanted to rush out looking for them, but something held him back. Every time he tried to take a step out of his safe refuge, he imagined some giant animal dragging him off before he could fight back. He had his knife and colt, but they seemed so small compared to any threat at this size.But what if Sammy was out there?He couldn’t hide away when his brother needed him. Dean took a steeling breath and made his way out of the tangled roots where he’d hidden himself.Almost immediately, he had to jump back with a startled curse as a fluttering and a harsh wind closed in on him. He had his gun in hand before sitting up fully, but paused at the sight of unsettling yellow eyes set among black feathers that almost shone blue in the morning sunbeams.The bird opened its beak and unleashed the piercing cry of a grackle, louder than Dean had ever heard it. When he squeezed the gun in his hands and it roared in response, it hardly matched that volume. The bird twitched back nonetheless as the world’s tiniest bullet struck it somewhere among its puffed up feathers.Black wings flared open with another shriek, and Dean tried to scramble back, give himself some space so he could figure out how to fight the son of a bitch without pissing it off more.He didn’t have time to plan his strategy before another flutter of wings dove close. Dean almost shot at the new attacker, but instead his jaw dropped at the sight. As he watched, a winged man swooped at the bird, slashing a sharp sword at it with an angry cry.As the bird shrieked and balked, the winged man twisted in the air to come to a landing, lithe steps planting in front of Dean. Those wings, vibrant and green like the canopy above, flared wide and hid the bird from Dean’s view.It didn’t take much for the bird to decide against continuing the fight. That leafy-winged, green-clad … forest dude scared it off with one more threatening swipe of his sword, and with a flutter the grackle was gone.The man grunted in satisfaction and turned then, and Dean’s walls went right back up. While the other guy put away his weapon at his belt, Dean lifted his gun with steady hands and a warning glare. “Don’t come any closer!” he growled, hating how young he sounded.The man raised one dark green eyebrow. Between his green outfit and hair and his dark brown skin, he could blend into the forest; as if he came right out of a fairy tale. If he didn’t have the distinctly gruff look of a fighter. When he spoke, his voice was deep and steady. “Whatever that is, boy, I’d appreciate you not aiming it my way. I’m only here to help you.”Dean’s mouth twitched in a smirk, but his nerves didn’t let it last. Even though the guy had just helped him, he couldn’t help but respond to the authority in that tone the same way he always did. “Oh yeah? You some kinda fairy cop?”The man blinked at him. Somehow the faint stern look there disarmed Dean a bit. He lowered his gun and clicked the safety on. The man glanced at the gun at the sound, and then lowered to a squat. “Are you hurt?”Dean glanced down at himself. Aside from some dirt and grass stains, and one red mark on his palm from when he’d fallen over, he was unscathed. “No,” he replied. “Who … What the hell are you?!”The man smirked and tilted his head. “I had the same questions for you, boy. My name is Scar Wolfblind, and I am a Knight of Wellwood.”It was like he’d been pulled into one of the many books Sammy was always caught up in. This was all right out of a fantasy novel. “Well that’s great,” he replied gruffly. “Think you can point me to the way outta this forest? I need to find my brother.”“Your brother?” Scar’s wings twitched in time with the concern dawning on his face. Dean couldn’t help a few fascinated glances at them even as the knight-whatever went on. “If there is another like you out here, I swear he will be found.”“Yeah, that’s my plan,” Dean shot back. Looking after Sammy was <i>his</i> job, and the sooner he could get back to it, the better.Scar shook his head. “The forest is too vast for only one or two searching for someone,” he insisted. “I suggest you come back to Wellwood with me. I can organize searching parties and keep you safe from birds.” As he spoke, he stood up again and held out a hand for Dean to take.Dean frowned. “I can't waste time! I have to find him. That kid counts on me!” He couldn’t imagine not spending every moment he had trying to find Sammy. It wasn’t a choice at all. Even still, he remained where he’d fallen over.Scar sighed and crossed his arms. “You’re wasting time arguing, boy,” he said bluntly. “I know this forest well. It’s too much to search on your own. I’m not leaving you by yourself out here, but I’m not abandoning this brother of yours, either. You need a strategy.”Dean stared nonplussed at him. He wanted to glare, to argue that it was his duty to take care of this, and no one else’s. The words wouldn’t come. Scar was right. He knew this giant forest better. Dean did need a strategy.“Fine,” he spat out, pushing himself to his feet on his own and stowing his gun. “I’ll go to … whatever you said before. We can do things your way.”Scar smirked and his leafy wings fanned open. “We should move fast. I don’t think I can carry you the whole way there, but if you want to try--”“No way!” blurted out of Dean before he could really let the suggestion sink in. Then, he grimaced, unable to help imagining how such a thing could go wrong. If he fell, he might not survive it. Or he might survive, but only barely. Scar looked prepared for a fight, but he was built more for dexterity, and he wasn’t that much taller than Dean.Dean squared his shoulders. “Wouldn’t wanna strain your, uh, wings or anything. Besides, how far can it be?”Scar’s mouth twitched in what may have been a smirk. “Good thinking, boy. It’s near a mile. We should get started.”Dean followed as the man turned and began their trek.”My name’s Dean, and I’m not a kid, y’know. I’m fourteen!”Scar hummed in acknowledgement. “A mile is a mile,” he pointed out. “Boy or man. It may be dark before I can send anyone to search.”Dean didn’t let himself think of that distance. A mile should be nothing; the Impala could put a mile behind her with no trouble. He’d covered so many miles in his life before he even turned ten.They angled around a fallen leaf the size of a mattress. “How will anyone find anything when it’s dark? You got any flashlights, sword-fairy?”Scar laughed. It didn’t seem like an often-used sound, but was genuine all the same. “In time, boy. You’ll see how we do things in Wellwood.”~~~The mile walk from where Scar had found him took hours, sometimes skirting around trees bigger than any he’d ever seen, and sometimes pausing to wait for animals to walk by. Scar had pointed out a fox in the distance, so far away it didn’t look giant at all. Even from far away, all Dean could think about was how wide that grin would have been from up close.It was growing darker by the second when they finally reached “wellwood.” Dean couldn’t make out the details on the higher branches, but he could swear there were houses on some of them. Houses growing right out of the trunks of the trees.Scar led him up stairs that had grown into the side of a huge tree with pale bark and enormous leaves. After walking a mile at their size, and the lingering worry for Sam, Dean had to fight to keep himself from collapsing on that towering staircase. By the time they reached an opening into the tree itself, higher above the ground than Dean ever wanted to acknowledge, he hardly had the energy to be briefly amazed by it. He still had work to do.Even so, his eyes lingered on lanterns made of flower petals hanging from the ceilings.Scar brought him to other leaf-winged people. They listened to his story. Some were more astonished than others, but somehow they believed his tale (he would have been pissed if the friggin’ forest fairies didn’t believe his story about a witch).Dean almost approved of Scar’s strategy until he was informed that he’d have to wait behind for the night.“What?! No! I have to help look for Sammy too!”Scar shook his head. His stubbornness met Dean’s like a rocky shore meets a wave. “We can’t risk you getting lost at night,” he determined. “You’ve been through a lot, boy. What you need is rest.”Dean was frustrated, and tired, and indignant. He hated that a small part of him knew Scar was right, because that didn’t matter. “But! I can help!”“Tomorrow,” Scar assured him. “Tonight, you’ll be staying in Leafwing’s home. I can’t make use of you while you’re dead on your feet, Dean.”Dean glared but didn’t argue further. He let the tall, lean sprite named Leafwing lead him through the winding halls within the tree. His plan, as soon as no one was watching, was to sneak himself out of the damn place. They couldn’t keep him out of the search for Sam. It wasn’t even an option.He pretended to settle into the bed offered in the little home-within-a-tree. It was like a raised platform with a depression in the middle, filled with blankets and pillows as a nest. He pretended so well that he actually dozed off once or twice.Gotta … gotta find Sammy … ~~~Dean couldn’t tell how long he slept, but most of it was plagued by the same dream over and over. The witch, appearing out of nowhere. Dean, rushing forward to protect Sammy. A flash of white and screaming laughter. Sometimes the laughter became the angry screech of a bird, but mostly his dreams showed him that motel room.When he came to, he found himself staring into a pair of vivid, bright green eyes.“Sonova--!” he blurted, balking back and waking up much faster than he’d ever expect to without coffee or a slap on the face.The owner of those eyes balked too. A small kid, probably only five or six, stumbled backwards and fell to a seat. Little green wings, a match to his eyes, fluttered at his back. He was another wood sprite, brown-skinned and green-haired and little.The kid’s bottom lip stuck out in a familiar pout. “I fell down!”Dean had to calm his heart from the brief scare so soon after his nightmares. “Sure did, small fry. You alright?”The kid checked himself over while Dean ran both hands down his face to try to brush away the dreams. When he opened his eyes again, the kid was looking at him sheepishly. “I didn’t mean ta wake you up,” the kid promised. “My papa said to letcha rest. I was just checkin’ on ya. Are you gonna tell him?”Dean had a vague memory of one of the knights bringing him there to rest. It wouldn’t make a difference if they knew about this. “Nah, small fry. I know you didn’t mean it.”The kid perked right up. His wings, too small to actually fly anywhere and curled at the edges, fluttered happily. “Okay! I’m Bowman. Papa said you’re from far away. What’s your name?”“I’m Dean,” Dean replied, still half distracted by his surroundings. He hadn’t paid much mind to the home-within-a-tree the night before in between his exhaustion and his frantic drive to go find Sammy. Now, he had a moment to look everything over, noting that rather than carving things out, somehow the sprites had managed to grow the tree into that shape. From the warped walls to the window shaded with leaves, the shape of the home was, somehow, natural.He looked away from the window and the bright sun peeking around the shades only to flinch again. Bowman had stood and waited next to the edge of the bed expectantly. “How come you don’t have wings? Did something happen? Does it hurt?”Despite the nagging in the back of his mind that he needed to look for Sam, Dean’s mouth twitched in a smile. “Nah, small fry. I never had any wings. I’m not a … sprite, like you are,” he explained, even as he maneuvered his way out of the blankets. To his bemusement, Bowman didn’t stray too far away even as Dean sat on the floor to pull his boots back on. “Just a real unlucky guy sometimes.”“Oh,” Bowman replied. He didn’t seem to notice the bitterness in Dean’s tone. The kid tried to squat down to be more level with Dean where he sat, but his fluttery wings cost him his balance and he fell to a seat again. “I dunno if I’m unlucky. Maybe. But! My wings already uncurled and they’re gonna get really big one day!”“That so?” Dean asked, a ghost of a smirk on his face. He couldn’t help but wonder why a kid so young, whose wings weren’t even fully developed, was left alone. In a treehouse, of all places. “How big is ‘really big’?”Bowman grinned and scrambled to his feet. “I’ll show ya!” He darted towards the doorway, little bare feet pattering against the wooden floor. Then, he stopped and turned around, sheepish and ready to wait for Dean.Dean chuckled dryly and got to his feet. As he did, he took a mental inventory of the various weapons he still had on him. The knives he kept in his boots were still there. The one in his sleeve remained. He vaguely remembered leaving his colt on a table somewhere, but his silver knife, a twin to one he’d made for Sam last Christmas, stayed in its hidden pocket in his jacket.“Well? What’re you waiting for, small fry?”Bowman smiled again and ran back to Dean to grab one of his hands. Dean allowed it, though he couldn’t help but marvel at the innocence in such a gesture. They might have exchanged names, but he was a total stranger to this kid.He let Bowman lead him to a main room, which proved to be just as organic and curved as the bedroom, not a corner to be found in the place. Some cushioned benches took up part of the space near the room’s window, while a table and chairs took up the other side. It was cozy, and nothing too surprising stood out to Dean aside from the fact that the chairs had no backs.Bowman let go of his hand to scurry over to said backless chairs. He scooted one over, little wings fluttering with the effort of keeping his balance at the same time. Then, he started to push the other one, constantly looking back at the first.When he had them spaced apart like he wanted, he hurried to stand right in between them, holding his arms up high and wearing a proud grin. “My wings’ll be this big!” he declared.Dean smirked and held up his hands roughly as far apart as Bowman’s were. “This big?”“Nooo!” Bowman drawled, waving his little arms. “As big as the chairs, they’re far apart ‘cause that’s how far my wings will go!”“Ohhh,” Dean said, playing up the realization for the kid’s benefit. “Now I see it.”He couldn’t help it. The big brother in him raised all its flags for Bowman. Such a young, exuberant kid with a lot of excitement and energy, stuck inside the house all day, alone, struck a chord. Sammy would love to meet this kid.Bowman seemed mollified, if the fluttering of his wings was any indication.Dean paused, wondering if he should go try to find Scar. Then, instead, he asked, “Listen, kid, do you … stay in here all day?”“Nope!” Bowman chirped. “Sometimes I go for walks. I won’t get lost. I’m not supposed to leave the tree without a grown-up, but sometimes I do anyway.” He covered his mouth with his hands, a picture of regret. “Don’t tell, okay?”Dean cracked a grin. “Wouldn’t dream of it, kid. You can show me around this way.”Bowman brightened. “Yeah! Okay!” Before the kid could dart off on his own, Dean held out an expectant hand. Bowman took it and grinned sheepishly. “Come on, Dean!”
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{COM} Mine! ... Again! by MogaDeer
{COM} Keep Away by MogaDeer
[C] Oh dear... by QuackGhost
{COM} Jacob: Who me? by MogaDeer


Meirleach || TEN
A tense silence rushed through the crowd immediately. All eyes turned to Sam, including Royce’s surprised gaze. He eyed the man from the stage, trying to remember if he had ever seen him at any of the other auctions before. He hadn’t. And he never forgot a face.
All of them?” Royce inquired, attempting to keep a neutral expression despite the tremendous bid. All eight girls, for ten million. That was more than he’d anticipated.
“Well, that one’s sold already,” the original winner hissed, getting to his feet as well and glaring daggers at Sam.
Sam held his ground, keeping a stony expression despite the stomach-churning thought of what the girls on stage were going through. It was difficult to not look worried and sympathetic. “The highest bidder wins,” he said, staying focused on the stage. “Those are the rules, right?”
The other man didn’t let up. “Once something i
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Meirleach || SEVEN
Carissa awoke slowly, the sound of scissors snipping away at something gradually easing through to her consciousness. Her curly black hair was more of a mess than usual, she could feel that by the way it kept sticking to her cheek as she rolled over.
Her blue eye snapped wide open when she realized she was bound in place. A distorted view greeted her: a dim, romantically lit workspace. She was laid out on a long polished wood floor of some sort... One that seemed to be made of one sold slab. She was held down by what looked like an oversized strip of duct tape, lovingly tucked in tightly under her arms and thighs.
All struggles went still when she laid eyes on the source of the noise. The beautiful stranger she'd met at the bar... But he was a giant now. He wore no shirt as he sat before a near blinding lamplight. His teeth were bared as he pulled a needle through his own shoulder, stitching up a wound of some sort.
The gunshot... She remembered that much. He's been shot. He'd been kid
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Meirleach || EIGHT
Sam looked at his watch, dismayed to see that Anders was now ten minutes late. Not a deal breaker, necessarily. But if the guy ran much later, Sam was tempted to find another place for Jo. At the thought of their tiny friend, he swallowed self-consciously and turned his chin to his chest, eyeing up the lower pocket of his brown canvas jacket.
"Jo, how are you doing in there?" Sam asked.
Dean stopped surveying the slow stream of traffic across the lot and looked down at Sam's pocket. They were leaned up outside the impala, parked in the shadow of a convenience store on the outskirts of Klamath Falls. Mountains rose above the mist of another incoming rainstorm. A picturesque town, really, if not for the monster it was housing.
It took a moment, but the fabric rustled with Jo's tiny movements within. Dean felt like he had to hold his breath all over again. He'd totally been right--Jo sure was itty enough to fit in a pocket. The gloating rights didn't exactly suit the situation. He winced
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Meirleach || NINE
In the reflection of the impala's glossy exterior, Sam ran his hand back through his hair. A few unruly locks kept wanting to hang in front of his eyes, but he swept them back. He hardly looked like a hunter, wearing half his fed suit. The sports jacket was slung over his arm, a tentative addition.
"You look like a million bucks, Sammy." Dean said with a smirk, lazily reclining in the driver's seat. He looked so damn pleased; eternally grateful that for once, Sam just had to wear the monkey suit.
Sam gave him a look, but broke into a tense chuckle all the same. "Hopefully I look like several million. I doubt biddings are gonna be cheap."
"Ah, you'll be fine. Just gotta bluff your way to the back anyway."
Dean glanced over to the club across the way. Construction signs and bright yellow tape had it marked off for renovations, but from his careful spot down the street, Dean had already watched over a dozen people discreetly enter through the back door. Almost all of th
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 13 25
Meirleach || SIX
No matter how hard Jo tried to relax, sleep wouldn’t come. She had managed to manipulate the top layer of the folded pillow case to make a blanket for herself and kicked off her boots, but her mind stayed perfectly alert. The boys seemed to have no trouble drifting off--or so it seemed at first.
Beyond the nightstand, a bed creaked. She cringed at the sound of weight shifting, thinking Dean was simply turning over in his sleep. But the creaking came again, and it wasn’t long before something became very apparent to her. Jo sat up, listening closely. She could hear Sam breathing deeply, normally. Dean, not so much. His breaths came erratically. Sometimes in sharp pants, and other times it was as if he was holding his breath and then letting it all out in one gust before starting the process over.
She stayed still, waiting for him to settle down. He went on, sounding more distressed by the second. Leaning forward a bit, she narrowed her eyes at the room. Streaks of light were
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 19 11
Meirleach || FIVE
Jo paced near the edge of the table, her footsteps tapping almost inaudibly against the wood. She had a newfound appreciation for independent mobility and not having to worry about being tossed around in a car. At least she’d managed to stay dry above her shoes for the most part during her ordeal. She was high-strung enough without being cold and wet.
“I put a bullet in his shoulder,” she told Sam, taking the opportunity to speak before he could start tapping away at his laptop keys again. “I dunno how long that’ll keep him occupied, if at all. Who knows, maybe he’ll be right back at it again tomorrow night. As if nothing happened.”
It made her heart sink to realize that maybe she’d made no difference at all. This should have been ended tonight, and she’d only managed to become another victim. She swiftly put those thoughts to rest. The creep wasn’t going to get away with it, and she sure as he
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Meirleach || THREE
Dean staggered out of the bathroom with a freshly stoic expression. He'd done a shitty job concealing his post-Hell anxiety, but that wouldn't stop him from sticking to the old 'grin and bear it' method of coping.  At this point, he could only hope Jo had the sense not to pry for gory details.
He stopped just short of the two seater, finding both seats empty now.
"Looks like you scared off your lady friend there, buddy." The bartender called over, a rather amused smirk hiding under his matted beard.
Dean whirled on him. "Which way?"
The smirk vanished upon hearing the urgent growl in the man's voice. The bartender jerked a thumb towards the back door, and Dean took off.
He threw open the back door with no attempts at discretion. It clattered loudly against the brick wall. Dean whipped his handgun out of its home inside his jacket, his blood running cold the moment he rounded the side of the building. A man was hunched over on the ground, glaring
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Meirleach || FOUR
Sam was a bit breathless, having run two blocks and jogged the last half mile to join Dean. The chilly rain was merely convenient refreshment for him. He spotted the impala out front immediately, and knew Dean must still be infatuated, searching the place up and down for leads on their shaman kidnapper.
He slowed to a trot and slipped a hand to the reassuring weight of the handgun tucked into his jeans. As he reached for the door handle, a shadow shifted around the back of the building. Sam stepped back. Something was lurking back by the dumpster- he could see its head just over the top of the hill of bagged beer bottles.
Sam crept closer, slipping his gun out. To his surprise, the figure waltzed right around into the open, posture reserved and careful despite the steady rain.
"Dean!" Sam stepped out of the shadow of the overhang and joined him in the parking lot. "You finish sweeping the place?"
"Yeah." Dean answered curtly.
They reached the impala, parked between a rusty pickup truck
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Meirleach || TWO
On the road, Jo had a chance to cool down. It was harder to think when she was around the boys--especially Dean--when all she could focus on was preparing to shoot down any claim that she couldn’t handle the case. If they were going to insist on being part of it, she tried to look at it as an opportunity to prove that she could hold her own.
Alone with her thoughts, she ran through the facts over and over. All the signs pointed toward the perp being in the next town. The disappearances hadn’t skipped any place yet, so she saw no reason why it would start now. According to the maps, Gowrie was a small town, an ideal area to narrow down a search. There had been no telling exactly where it would strike in a city the size of Seattle.
When she drove past the sign alerting her that she was entering the town limits, Jo reluctantly glanced down to the cup holder and plucked out her phone. With the new number already set, it was just a matter of scrolling to Dean’s name.
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 20 24
Meirleach || ONE
Waking up after a blackout is always dreadful. What makes it worse, is having a stranger's face being the last shred of memory to rise to the surface.
Andrea opened her eyes, regret in every move she made. She gasped and bolted upright when her hand stroked silk instead of a t-shirt. These aren't my clothes.
A sickening knot formed in her stomach as she looked over the racy cocktail she was wearing. Someone sure went out of their way to put all this together. Her mother had been right- moving to Seattle had been a mistake. The one night she's bold enough to leave the pub with a stranger, and she ended up roofied.
Sitting up, Andrea cleared her head with a particular urgency and surveyed her surroundings.  The room was small, unfurnished.  The carpet felt close to velvet in texture, and built up along the walls to the ceiling. She ran up to every wall, every corner. There were no doors- not even a vent for an air system.
An embarrassing yelp left her as the
:iconobsess-confess:Obsess-Confess 28 24
Downgraded ch4
Chapter 4: Pick On Someone Your Own Size
Castiel appeared in the middle of the motel room and looked around curiously. The room was a complete wreck, from the bloodied beds to the broken windows and doors. Sam and Dean were moving around him, gathering their things hastily.
“What happened?” Castiel asked.
“Demon bastards,” Dean grumbled, giving Cas a passing glance as he packed, his eyes lingering on the pockets. “Persephone with you?”
Castiel nodded, “Of course,” and reached down into his pocket to reveal her. She looked startled, to say the least.
“Dean!” She gasped, shifting her weight anxiously in Castiel’s hand. “Your face--  are you okay?” She grasped at Castiel’s fingers, wanting him to bring her higher to inspect Dean.
Dean raised his eyebrows, giving her an incredulous look. “What? O’course I am.” He smirked, trying to lighten the mood. “You should see the other guy
:iconinotnedloh:InotNedloh 20 13
Downgraded ch3 [SPN gt]
Chapter 3: Angels Make Great Gardeners, But Not So Great Therapists.
The sound of a door opening startled Persephone from her sleep. Steam escaped the bathroom and her nerves were calmed. It’s just Sam. He had a towel wrapped around waist and one on his head, though his chest was left bare. Persephone found herself gawking at him as he turned and walked around to his bed, disappearing from her view. She could feel her cheeks burning.
Dean shifted in his sleep, bringing her up to his neck. Persephone gulped, looking up at the stubble along his jaw. She could probably reach out and touch it… The thought made her shiver.
“Wait, Sam! Don’t leave me...” She squeaked, stuck in Dean’s sleeping iron grip. “Shoot, ugh…” It really didn’t help that he was on his side, so she was stuck sideways in his hand about seven feet above the bed. That wouldn’t be a pleasant fall.
Wiggling her hands free, she reached up to Dean’s jaw an
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Downgraded ch2 [SPN gt]
Ch2: Dinner and a movie
“So, uh, you’re Persephone…” Dean cleared his throat, trying to sound casual while holding the Thumbelina-lookalike in the palm of his hand.
“And you’re Dean,” she replied nervously, looking down. Horrible idea. There was just a  good forty foot drop to the floor and it was making her feel light headed. And being on a moving, squishy surface did nothing for her sanity. “Do you mind… putting me down?”
Dean shook his head, fingers curling around her. "No can do. If Crowley comes, I need you with me so I can protect you."
Persephone pressed her hands against his fingers as he moved and she looked at him incredulously. “So, you’re just going to hold me and parade me around like King Kong? Waiting for someone to maybe show up at some unknown point in time.” She chided.
“King Kong was a great movie,” Dean replied, “but there was a lot more man-handling in it. I’m
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Downgraded ch1 [SPN gt]
Ch1: a rock and a hard place
“It looks like we need to find a girl named Persephone.” Sam said, running his finger over the small writing. He glanced over at his brother, Dean, who looked thoughtful. “Persephone Higgins. Apparently she's related the Greek Goddess.”
“The Greek goddess as in Persephone the Greek goddess? No way her quadruple great-granddaughter is named Persephone." He scoffed.
A quick call with Garth confirmed a case. "Any idea where we’d find her? ...New York...” he snapped the phone shut and dragged a hand over his face.
His eyes widened when the short angel suddenly appeared in front of him. Clearing his throat, he stepped back. “Cas.”
Castiel nodded, stepping over to Sam to look at the notebook. “Persephone,” he read. He turned back to Dean, dark eyebrows furrowed. “Why do you need to find this girl?”
Dean studied the angel for a moment before turning to the fridge to pull out a beer.
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Crossing Worlds
The warm water dripped down her bare back as she rinsed the last of the dried blood from her body. Cara ran her fingers through her soaked hair and let out a content sigh. The warmth from the water couldn't be matched. It felt nice. Especially getting back from her latest hunt.
Stupid, damn vamps.
She easily lathered herself up with fresh smelling soap, and rinsed it away. Much before she ever scrubbed her shampoo and conditioner in. It had the scent of raspberries and mango. But, she was grateful for the warm shower and her house. Hell, she was grateful that she didn't have to stay in a motel whenever she had a hunt near home. That's not something most hunters could say.
After finishing her shower, she let the water run over her a bit longer. Way too content to really shut it off, but soon, she did. The metal was warm and wet to the touch, but she was glad.
As soon as the water was finally off, Cara shivered and pulled back the shower curtain, while reaching over for her towel.
She wr
:icongt-kathryn:GT-Kathryn 16 14
The Comeback Kid || Chapter Seventeen (END)
Dean blearily cracked his eyes open. The world was sideways and glimmering with red flashes on the wall and carpet... But it was normal. Normal! A huge knot evaporated from his gut, the relief hitting him like a tidal wave. He watched Jensen untangled himself from Jared on the other side of the crystal ball. It was surreal as ever, but a comfort. It was like a mirror image confirmation that he was really six foot one again. With him and Jensen restored, everything was the way it started.
Everyone was fixed.  
Now the imp's true size was evident: no more than three inches tall, she was plastered to the outside of the radiating crystal, arms and legs spread at her sides. She wasn't trapped within, but she had the stiff look of being telekinetically pinned down-- something Dean had been on the receiving end of too many times to count. And yet, she was beaming. Her shoulders shook with silent laughter.
"I don't know what you're smiling about. You're not going anywhere,"
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