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The Cat Empire Be Rising

I wanted a Cat Empire wallpaper for one of my PC's... So I went to the google-mobile. I found 3 wallpapers, and I didn't really like them. So I thought, heck... I'll make my own!

Then this was born.


On a side note, this is my first non-Pendulum band themed wallpaper :D
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Don't hurt me..

But what is this 'Cat Empire' ? :o I like the wallpaper to, they blend pretty well :la:
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They're an Aussie Jazz/Ska band.

It's a little different from Pendulum (:aww:) but their songs just make people happy :)

Just a little sample of their music:
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Oohh I see.

Haha, I like his voice. :XD: Thanks for the link. I might have a look at a few more of their songs.

Thanks for that :la:
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Your very welcome :D