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Fear Inoculum

Inspired by Tool's concert in Prague, I had to draw that damn Black Pyramid.

Photoshop CC 2018 and Wacom Cintiq22HD.
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Bless this immunity...
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B L E S S   T H I S   I M M U N I T Y
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Looking good! I can't wait for the new album :) It's been such a long time!
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Thanks man! Only 10 Days to go!
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Satan's new second in command, eh? By the way, this art is disturbing, but at the same time, the design looks amazing as hell.
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Your welcome as always.
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This is very well painted! I like the colour choices!
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Are you staying in Prague or just visiting? I've been listening to The.Swich, a Czech band, for over a decade and they mention Tool as one of their inluences but I still have to get round to listening to Tool... there is so much music out there! x)…
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I visited the city on June for the concert and I've been since then thinking about doing this illustration. But you're right so much good music to listen!
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What an unsettling face~! Lovely work!
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