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Asking for directions

Another sketch.
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"Please right this way, we're waiting for you to arrive. You're the guest of honor for our party!"
"I do not like where this is going."
"Would you be easily persuaded to go with the possibility of brownies?"
"....You have my attention."
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Sometimes judging a book by it's cover is a good thing!  Well done!POP! Venom - Venomized Black Panther 
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Ask your local librarian. Unless your local library is Tzeentch's library.
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-Excuse me, where is the postal office?
-At the intersection of Malebolge Avenue and Cocytus Street. Just listen for someone shouting "Pape Satàn, pape Satàn aleppe" and you'll know you're close.
-Why thanks man.
-No problem, and remember to iron your puppies and pet clothes. 
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Tourism in Pandemonium!
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Do you know De Wae?
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We must find de wae to the Queen, Commander
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The creature is missing a car to slap
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*Slaps human head*
"This bad boy can fit so many sins in it".
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Your welcome and I hope you watch me
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He's got two sets of PECKS! Excellent design and coloring style makes for a very nice picture. Good work!
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excuse me good sir could you tell where the building called scp foundation is? a friend of mine asked me to pick him up there
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